09/09/ 2016 "Beard of Bees" Video Takes Flight

After months of locations scouting, treatment edits, and downing countless cups of coffee in the editing suite, PDC is pleased to announce the launch of their third music video, Beard of Bees. For those who've seen a live show, it's no surprise that the band lends itself well to the music video medium. In fact, many a PDC supporter has discovered the band on the strength of their music videos. It doesn't hurt that frontman Randy B shamelessly admits to being a "wannabe filmmaker", often writing the story lines and art directing the sets. However it takes a strong team to create a good video and PDC has always installed director/ videographer Mark Remple as their quarterback, going back to their first effort, Two Brown Bottles of Beer in 2011. In addition to Remple, night photographer Larrie Thomson (who directed a video for Randy B's previous act, Screwtape Lewis) came aboard to handle the epic drone camera chores. And what classic story is complete without a hot babe? Model/ vocalist Nina Laderoute's first PDC public appearance came as a moustached cabaret girl in the Electrik Steam Show album teaser. This time out she possessed the perfect balance of demure and fiery to bring the all important "Queen Bee" to life. With over 500 views in its first day of release, Beard of Bees looks to be PDC's strongest visual offering to date!  




08/15/2016  Saskatchewan Tour Dates

Punch Drunk Cabaret has had an elusive relationship with the province of Saskatchewan. For starters, despite completing all three albums in Saskatoon, the band had yet to play a live show in the Bridge City...until now, when they'll perform at the Capital Music Club, Thursday September 01 with the Menagerie Burlesque Company. Lloydminster, the Border City has also proven rather elusive after a promising April date crumbled due to a liquor licensing snafu. However, the Root Community Emporium will not only play host to a PDC show Saturday, September 03, but will be serving drinks of all varieties! This fortuitous Saskatchewan exposure came about due to a call to open a sold out show, Friday September 02 at the Gold Eagle Casino in North Battleford for those tireless veterans of hell raising, Trooper. Could there be a better way to wind down the summer?





07/28/2016  That's A Wrap! New Video Slated for September

Subjected to sunburns, voracious mosquito swarms, and some truly unforgiving landscapes, PDC and crew headed to Southern Alberta to shoot the second half of the Beard of Bees video on July 25. Unlike the first shoot that focused on the band's high energy performance style, the second part played out the storyline of a Beekeeper, his best man and a chain-smoking clergyman in search of a "Queen Bee". Because the trio of characters have to search a great distance to find their "queen", the task of locating challenging and varied landscapes proved quite difficult. However, numerous sites around Delia, Alberta and a trip to Horse Thief Canyon got the job done, but not before putting cast and crew through their paces given the heat, swarms of mosquitos, and high, rocky climbs in full costume. And as if a 17 hour shoot in the elements wasn't enough, the three and a half hour drive home in a torrential downpour was punctuated with near collisions with 2 deer, an owl and a coyote, all of which will make for a distinctly Albertan video. Release is slated for early September.




 07/13/2016  Electrik Steam Show Now Available on iTunes

 Although physical copies of the latest record, Electrik Steam Show were released in May on CD Baby, fans of iTunes have been asking when they can get downloads from their platform of choice. That wait is over with an official iTunes release on Tuesday, July 12. The band has been featuring a number of the new songs in their live set with excellent response. Album opener, Halos & Horns is also serving as a spirited set opener complete with a fist pumping sing-along part just to let audiences know their participation is expected. Soon-to-be-released video, Beard of Bees has also become a live show staple while the frantic, Voodoo Vodka Stomp and steampunk swingin' Elixxxir have been known to pepper the set list as well. In the case of Elixxxir, it's enjoyed some radio play here at home as well as stateside. To get your very own download of any of the songs from Electrik Steam Show, simply click on the link:




06/06/2016  New Music Video Abuzz 

The excitement is mounting in the PDC camp upon completing the first of two days of shooting a new music video. Reuniting with director Mark Remple, who shot the first two videos, the storyline will have a fairytale-styled plot written around the song Beard of Bees from the new release, Electrik Steam Show. Thus far, the band has shot the performance scenes on a set built in a vintage hayloft. In July, cast and crew will travel to Southern Alberta to take full advantage of the areas sweeping landscapes and rugged badlands, where a bee keeper, his best man, and a clergyman (all played by PDC) embark on an epic search to locate the beautiful and mysterious "Queen Bee". But true to the "under dog" theme established in previous videos, events never seem to work out in favour of our intrepid musicians. Stay tuned for more pics and updates. A finished cut is set to hit Youtube and social media in September.


05/23/2016 The First Review is in...and it's a "SLAM" Dunk! 

Review by John Slam, Shakin' Kats Radio 94.9 CHRW 

The voice comes on and says "tickets please, enjoy the show" and you just know all is good because Punch Drunk Cabaret are about to step up. Hell the kings of "Steampunk swing " always deliver and aren't afraid to throw a few surprises at you along the way. The band is now back with it's 3rd album "Electrik Steam Show" and this time out they really flex their muscles. Sure it's a bit eclectic and we  get the mix bag of roots, rockabilly and steampunk but it's surprisingly ramped up here. This is easily PDC most rockin' and hardest album yet. We get 10 tracks and an intro that really bare that out and it's a pretty diverse too boot. Highlights include: "Halos and Horns", "Meat on the Bones", " Hell Etc", "Voodoo Vodka Stomp" and "Detonation Time" 
Punch Drunk Cabaret continue to make kool and diverse rock n roll. With "Electrik Steam Show" they back that up. This may not be for everyone but when given a chance it will win you over, it's that good .Yes it's a killer rock n roll album and PDC still can't be put into a box. You have to like that. Recommended!!! 


05/14/2016 PDC Headlines Fort Mac Fundraiser 

By know the entire planet is well aware of the devastation caused by the Fort McMurray wildfires. PDC is proud to be headlining the Rising From the Ashes fundraiser taking place at Blackjacks Road House in Nisku May 14. Our partners in rockabilly, Shaguar will be on the bill as well as a host of musical acts, comedians, hypnotists and belly dancers! A true cabaret indeed! Admission is by donation. Let's help make a difference!



05/09/2016 Electrik Steam Show Released Today 

The wait is finally over as PDC's third album, Electrik Steam Show drops today. 


This time out, the band steers its rockabilly/ steampunk swing sensibilities into brave new territory, resulting in a retro-modern hybrid that’s both familiar and keenly inventive.


 “The directive was quite simple” explains principal songwriter Randy B. “Being a live act first, we tend to play more aggressively live than we do on the albums, which is something audiences really connect with”. Once the new material was completed, they were road tested for six months, naturally taking on an edgier element. 


And edgier they are! The album opener, Halos & Horns is a collision of rockabilly guitar licks and pump organ bass crashing over a bump n’ grind Burlesque beat, serving as an ideal way to introduce drummer Capt. Sean E Watts’ first recorded appearance. Beard of Bees is a stadium-ready anthem complete with stomping rhythms and a bluesy, sledgehammer riff, while Elixxxir is the kind of rump shakin’, steampunk-swing PDC supporters expect.


New directions are also explored. The haunting Gravediggers of the World Unite is best described as a“gothabilly” track with its ghostly guitars, hypnotic bassline and New Orleans inspired percussion. PDC’s most aggressive song to date comes in the form of Detonation Time in which Terry Sawbones Grant’s overdriven 12 string bass and Randy B’s new found baritone guitar battle to the death while charging drums and apocalyptic lyrics power the song to certain oblivion.   


In keeping with the tight production values of their first two albums, the band reunited with Juno award winning producer/engineer Ross Nykiforuk (Sheepdogs/ Northern Pikes). CD’s and downloads can be found right here. 



04/01/2016 New Album Teaser Released

For those of you curious to get a glimpse of the new album, today marks the release of a video teaser. Shot at sold out New Years Eve show in Red Deer, the teaser features a snippet of the lead off song from the upcoming album, Electrik Steam Show to be released in May. Take a peek https://www.youtube.com/watch?




01/04/2016 PDC Chosen to Melt the Deep Freeze

Expecting to spend much of January warming ourselves around the fireplace of Swampbelly Studios here in chilly Dustbowl, AB, we received word that our services were needed at Edmonton's Deep Freeze Fest on Saturday the 9th. Known as a "Byzantine winter festival with a focus on Ukrainian, Francophone and Aboriginal culture", our task is to warm up the frosty participants at the "Melt the Deep Freeze Dance Party" which comes complete with an authentic Greek meal. Plates WILL be broken and ice will be melt! Tickets are just $10 with the show taking place at the Alberta Avenue Community Centre. For more info, check out the website at http://deepfreezefest.ca 






08/17/2015 Media Buzz Around Rockfest Kickoff

The days leading up to PDC kicking off the Edmonton Rock & Roll Society's Rockfest was rife with mentions and sightings.  K-97 FM morning man, Terry Evans was more than generous with his accolades regarding the band's live show, while Sawbones himself appeared on CTV morning news to discuss the band's performance. Despite an early 5:15 set, the crowd didn't hide their enthusiasm, some rushing stage front to dance, others giving mini-standing ovations after each song. The following day, the Edmonton Sun ran a photo of Randy and Sawbones in full gallop across the stage, while the on-line edition posted 14 more shots of the band's set. (See full gallery here: http://www.edmontonsun.com/2015/08/14/photos-2015-edmonton-rock-music-festival) The evening was rounded out by the Stampeders and Sweet.



The Edm Sun shines on PDC...A spirited kick-off to Rockfest.