Weekend Warriors

Behold! Or, hello! This is The Unvarnished Truth --  the official blog of PDC and therapeutic conduit for every dumb thing and non sequitur I can think of.

St. Vatty's Day

Top o' the day to you, sir or madam! You're listening to (if some nice person is reading this out loud to you now) The Unvarnished Truth.... the post-St. Patrick's Day blog that always gives you more bang for your buck. And since you're not paying for this, let the blarney begin! 

Super Trooper

Welcome to the lovey-dovey edition of The Unvarnished Truth... the blog that whole-heartedly endorses the concept of true love. Anything that doesn't put you in jail is alright by us. 

Sweat Dreams (Are Made Of These)

This is the chilled version of The Unvarnished Truth. Served cold. Like revenge. Or damned February.

The Year Of The Cock

Happy New Year, Ladies, Gentlemen, Scoundrels & Scoundrellettes!

We here at The Unvarnished Truth pride ourselves on bringing you the most update road adventures of your favorite, all-time ever, number one band. Since we can't actually do that, we present another Punch Drunk Cabaret blog.

All Hallow's Three

Greetings to you, Hobgoblins & Hobnobbers! It's a frightening edition of The Unvarnished Truth!!!! But don't be scared. The only thing to be afraid of is my bloody massacring of grammar.


Welcome to a special one-off version of The Unvarnished Truth... the blog of choice for discerning PDC fans and honey farmers everywhere.

The 306 Tour

Hi ho, dear reader! It's The Unvarnished Truth.... the blog that fakes sincerity like nobody's business. And I really, really mean that!


Marathon Of Rock! pt. II

Hey you with the face! Stuck around for this one, too, eh? Well you're a foolish but hearty soul and shall be rewarded by much lasciviousness & naughtiness in the coin of full buttock nudity in this pt. II installment of The Unvarnished Truth.... Marathon Of Rock!

Marathon Of Rock! pt. I

Hello summer lovers! Or maybe that should be lovers of summer? Meh... a little column A, a little column B. This here is The Unvarnished Truth.

June Jam & Chocolate Whoopie Pie


All Hail To Hanna

Why hello! Fancy meeting you here! You've happened upon The Unvarnished Truth.... the blog that tells it like it is and sometimes when it isn't. In journalistic parlance, that's called a "liquor filter".

Double Breasted

Hello, Hep Cats and Chill Chicks.... this is The Unvarnished Truth -- the blog that asks the question. Yep... that's about all it does.



Irish Licks & Whiskey Pics

Why, hello! Fancy meeting you here! This is The Unvarnished Truth. And you are.....? It matters not. Due to the rollicking ravages of the 1980's, I'll likely forget your name anyway.


Banff Schmanff

Well hello, unwitting reader! You've stumbled unintentionally or otherwise (perhaps you lost a bet?) on The Unvarnished Truth. It's the official blog of Punch Drunk Cabaret in all it's swarthy glory. And when I say swarthy I mean dark & hairy.... like us!

Year Of The Drunk

Happy really, really belated New Year! The Unvarnished Truth returns for another annum of anal retentive entertainment!

One Bourbon, One Scotch, Two Nights

Winter Greetings to you! The season of joy is upon is (I'm told) and what better way than to enjoy the latest PDC blog, The Unvarnished Truth, with a warm cup of cocoa.... or libations as the case may be.

Send In The Clowns

You're reading The Unvarnished Truth. It's a little skewed. It's a lot biased. And probably intoxicateblrrghrgle.....

Whamf Banff Thank You Maamf

Greetings, Thanksgivers! As you enjoy (against every fibre of your being) the gluttonous but unavoidable gastronomic habits of the season, hopefully you'll avail yourself to this, the latest The Unvarnished Truth, to aid in the digestive process of that regrettable 2nd or 3rd helping.

Putting On The Foil (Of Rock)

A good day to you, sir or madam! You are reading (accidentally or otherwise) the blog affectionately known as "The Unvarnished Truth". Chronicling the woeful tales of Punch Drunk Cabaret as seen thru the bleary eyes of your humble scribe, it tells it like it is, doesn't tell it like it isn't and fills in the booze-removed gaps with the grout of hyperbole. Still reading? Ok, perhaps it wasn't an accident.

Tails Of Whoa!

Hey Y'all! This installment of The Unvarnished Truth may be the most rockin' one yet! It takes place at the annual Edmonton Rock Music Fest so it durned well should be. But your ol' Sawbones is so behind on his bloggin' chores that I'll just have to encapsulate the last insane month just to get it the hell off'n my plate.

We Are A Wild Party!

This is The Unvarnished Truth - Celebrity Edition! Oh boy, I could tell you such tales of debauchery and derring-do as PDC opened for Canadian rock legend Kim Mitchell recently!


Back In The Beaumont Groove

The Unvarnished Truth returns! And for the third time, so does PDC to the hallowed grounds of the recent Beaumont Blues & Roots Fest. Three's a charm! Though the first two were still cute as hell.

Beer Pressure

It's another tipsy edition of The Unvarnished Truth! We'll tell you the truth as we see it, then nurse the hangover and deal with the fallout later. 


Enter Sandmen

Hi Folks! It's your foppish friend, Sawbones, here! Why, you've stumbled either directly or indirectly upon The Unvarnished Truth... the blog that dares you to read it, then begs you to forget it.

Cowboys & Aliens

Greetings, Earthlings! It's The Unvarnished Truth here.... your spaceblog to the stars!!

Speak Easy, Play Hard

'Tis The Unvarnished Truth! The tell-all blog that doesn't mince words but occasionally finely chops them.

Calling Dr. Rock

Greetings, All! This is The Unvarnished Truth..... the blog that tells the ongoing story of the biggest lil three-piece band in the land, Punch Drunk Cabaret, as told thru the eyes of Randy, a bass player..... oops.... that should be a randy bass player.  

When Irish Eyes Are Rocking!

Well, Faith and Begorra! 'Tis time for another wee installment of The Unvarnished Truth: St. Patrick's Day edition!! 

12' Rock

This is The Unvarnished Truth.... an unabashed personal accounting of road life with Punch Drunk Cabaret. Why? Well, I don't do much else for the band so why the hell not? Otherwise, I'd be sitting here on my day off eating cheese snacks and drinking rider beer.  

Curling Is Sexier Than You Think

Another sporting edition of The Unvarnished Truth awaits your scrutiny! In this edition, PDC travels to Calgary for The Brier. Curling? Swingin' countrified rockabilly? Beer???? An Alberta trifecta if there ever was one!

Hats Off!

Ahhh.... the new year! New beginnings, new rumours, new failings in the affairs of the heart....

Riot Act

Happy New Year. Ladies & Gentlemen and all the ships at sea! It's the first Unvarnished Truth of 2015 and though I am obligated to say that, I also mean it sincerely from the bottom of my cold, cold, freezing cold heart!

Return To Swan City

Season's Greetings, Friend! The Unvarnished Truth is back with not only the tardiest of blogs, but with Santa-sized lame excuses to match! Bein' the Xmas holidays and all, your ol' Sawbones done got all caught up in that holiday revelry. And where there's revelry, there's hangovers.


The Unvarnished Truth strikes again! Just when you thought you've had enough of flowery language, exciting tour photos and like-you-were-there commentary, we subject you, you poor soul, with more of the same! Heavens to Murgatroyd, what kind of torture awaits? Read on, Curious George....



Double Headed Monster Pic Bloganza!

Greetings... The Unvarnished Truth is scary business this time around!



Veterin(arian)'s Day

Good day to you, dear reader! This is The Unvarnished Truth -- the infamous blog that answers the question, "What am I doing on this webpage (and how do I get off it?)"

Cherry Poppin' Laddies

Happy October, ladies & gents! The Unvarnished Truth enjoyed a nice, hot summer and is now looking forward to heating up fall like a furnace full of fire!



Gettin' (Road)Hammered

And just like that, friends, another edition of The Unvarnished Truth arrives like a surprise pregnancy or that sudden mole on your face. You just can't get rid of it so easily!  


WOW.... Kids Today

The Unvarnished Truth delves into the fickle world of college-aged troublemakers aka the leaders of tomorrow.

Icons, Upstarts And Apparitions

Why hello, friend! It's been a while hasn't it? Well why don't you set back a spell, pour yourself a sarsaparilla and read about one of the greatest tours ever put together (by my reckoning, anyhoo). Yes? Of course you will!




On the day of our CD release bash in Camrose, here's a little taste of our outdoor adventures at the Beaumont Blues & Roots Fest in Beaumont, AB last week!

Lilactose & Tolerant

If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring? Why, The Unvarnished Truth in Calgary, of course!

Record High (pt. V) - This Is The End

The Unvarnished Truth welcomes you to the final blog on the tempestuous creation of our new opus. Will the band survive the recording process?

Record High (pt. IV) - The Breakening

After yesterday's progress, we had supper at Ross's place and got, as the Rev would say, pissed up.

Record High (pt. III)

Part three of our look into studio life and how (or how not) to make a hit record!

Record High (pt. II)

The Unvarnished Truth continues to venture into uncharted waters. And since we can't swim...

Record High (pt. I)

The rumors are true! No, not those rumors (bail was met so you needn't concern yourself). NEW MUSIC, friends!

Ghosts Of Number One

Happy new year to you, dearest reader! Was the previous year stupendous for you? Receive a surprise stipend? Or were you stuck in a stupor? Whatever your tale, just sit back and read on about this evening's adventures!

Blood, Sweat & Gears

The Unvarnished Truth sails uncharted seas! Punch Drunk Cabaret tangles with the fantasmagorical tentacles of steampunk!!

Autumnal Equin(r)ox

Alack and alas, ‘tis the last Unvarnished Truth before the autumn hiatus and it is with a mixed spirit (not that kind) that I type these words, friends.

Birthday Suit

Welcome to a mini-blog edition of The Unvarnished Truth... where size (despite what you've heard) isn't everything.

Comin' 'Round The Mountains (pt. III of III)

Good day, friend! The Unvarnished Truth gives literary obeisance to you in this final chapter of PDC’s mountainous journey.

Comin' 'Round The Mountains (pt. II of III)

It's part two of our three date mountain excursion! Did the higher elevation make us want to kill someone?

Comin' 'Round The Mountains (pt. I of III)

Howdy-do, faithful fan! This edition of The Unvarnished Truth sails into uncharted waters via those big pointy things sticking out of the ground out west....  the rocky mountains!

Best Summer EV-ER!

Hello there! Step right up and avail yourself to another edition of The Unvarnished Truth -- the continuing testimony of PDC’s lascivious life on the road…. with not so much lascivious in it.

Almost Famous

Step right up, sir or madam, and prepare to be thrilled, chilled and swilled with tales of madcap mayhem from the road! It’s… (cue circus music) The Unvarnished Truth!!

Flood Of Support

A tip of the hat to you, friend, for you have stumbled upon yet another taste of Punch Drunk Cabaret's glamorous road life perspective known as The Unvarnished Truth. Read on and be bedazzled!

Weekend At Bonesie's II

The Unvarnished Truth is finished.

Weekend At Bonesie's

Hey you with the face! Step right up here and avail yourself to another riveting tale of raucous road-life, better known as.... The Unvarnished Truth!

Fred Penner Is A God

Ladies & Gents! Children of all ages! Festival fun is upon us! This edition of The Unvarnished Truth marks the beginning of the music festival season.

Video Shoot Anatomy 101

The Unvarnished Truth wades into strange, uncharted territory! Now that over a thousand of you have seen the new video for “The Immaculate Pompadours”, it’s time to have a look inside the suspicious world of the “making of” process!

Girlesque Show

Please sit back, relax and let the soothing words of your humble scribe wash over you like the dirty run-off from a spring snowstorm.

Vat's Entertainment!

Hello and welcome to another gratuitous blog.... The Unvarnished Truth! Do you like lasciviousness?

Deja Nu

Greetings, dear Reader, and welcome to the very first Unvarnished Truth of 2013. We missed you! You never call!!

Jingle Bell Rockabilly

Happy December to you, dear reader, and all the divisive, religious points-of-view that come with it!

All Hallow's Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve

Greetings, my festive gang of ghouls and goblins! It's a "howliday" edition of The Unvarnished Truth.


DISCLAIMER - If any children you know of are known to read this blog, may I suggest cut/pasting the words "alpaca", "cupcake" or "monkey" over any word and phrase you deem unsuitable for sensitive eyes. The world out there, virtual or otherwise is a dangerous place for impressionable youngsters. Perhaps you should just avoid breeding for a while.

Probiotic Alberta Culture

This is the blog that answers the burning question, "Why do I have to wait entire days after a show for this dumb thing?"

Under The Weather

Today's Unvarnished Truth is brought to you by the letter "I". As in; illness, ichiban, ill-fitting and "ick".... which is how ol' Sawbones is feeling lately.

Lacombe Over

Hello there, good friends & fans.... this here is The Unvarnished Truth; meant to soothe the soul, scratch the brain and cure all manner of ailments, impalements and bad manners.

Paradise Cafe

Welcome, boys & girls, ladies & gentlemen, one and all... to the literary dapperdom that is The Unvarnished Truth!

Of Dogs And Monsters

Give praise, my brethren, for what you are about to receive! Welcome to another Unvarnished Truth. Enter the house of PDC, get yourself a front row pew and please, as much as we love the stuff, do not throw money (we've tried this before with hilariously painful results).

All's Fair (In Love & Nunchucks)

Salutations & Felicitations!

Oh brothers and sisters... it's a-gonna be a busy next few weeks on the ol' Unvarnished Truth. If you kindly peruse the Showtimes link at the top of the page, the semi-hectic schedule for your hatted heroes in PDC becomes apparent.


Slick's, Cars and the Third World War

Welcome back to The Cabaret.... and another raw, unfettered instalment of... The Unvarnished Truth!

Well friend.... ol' PDC performed at the legendary Slick's in Wetaskiwin this past Saturday during the city's annual Show 'n' Shine.... cars, babes, booze and your friendly neighborhood rock band!

Scalliwagesque Theatre

Welcome to the Cabaret

Cheers from the recesses of the Punch Drunk Cabaret bunker, the darkened, dug-into-the-ground thinktank where all things PDC are conceived. As I look out of one of those spring days where old man winter's hangin' on for dear life and tirelessly typing with the only two fingers of mine that will type,I can't help but think "who's going to read this?". From the warm crackle of radio broadcasts in the '30's to the scope of the internet today,communication has changed a hell of a lot in the last hundred years. Yet at it's core it hasn't. It's still about each of us trying to connect with another. And at the end of the day, that's all a musician is trying to do, feel a little less alone in the world by relating through music. So if a "blog" or a "tweet" (I swear someone's making a joke when they coin these words)can help the process of people reaching out and making connections, then I'm all for it.

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