All Hail To Hanna

Why hello! Fancy meeting you here! You've happened upon The Unvarnished Truth.... the blog that tells it like it is and sometimes when it isn't. In journalistic parlance, that's called a "liquor filter".

This band loves performing places we've never been to. Last week, this particular first time gig brought us to Hanna, Alberta, Canada. Home of.... something. Something big germinated here a few years back.... back.... back.... damn. If I had a nickel every time I couldn't remember important, obvious, staring-you-in-the-face stuff.



I Got Your Goose Right Here


Anyhoo.... the venue: the hallowed halls of the Canada Grey and the smallish but no less mighty Goose pub. Local legend has it that our own Cap't Sean E. Watts has been known to throw back and swallow a few pints of Goose Juice there. (Editor's Note: Oh lord let that just be a drink in the bar.)


The motor inn, complete with goose symbol                   The Goose, complete with phallic symbol



Every Girl Crazy 'Bout A Sharp Dressed Man(ager)


In the sprirt of our inaugural appearance, bar manager Sam surprised us by dressing for the evening. This isn't to say that he normally walks about with his tallywhacker aweigh. But it is to say he did have the stones to try and out couture the band (not an easy feat). I won't admit that he actually did this but I will say I acquired the number of his tailor.

When you look this good, they call you Samuel



Reactin' (Not The Allergy Relief Medicine)


Much anticipation for the 125 paying customers on this night. Word always precedes us that PDC have been known to put on a show... to fear no stage... to nearly sweat their hats, spats & tats off. And of the favourable audience reactions to this band, we usually see these two: instant toe-tapping followed, irresistibly, by rug cutting and leg shaking. The other reaction is one of blank stares and mouths agape. Trust me, dear reader, when I say that this scenario is equally good and proper. The boys in the band love their showbiz and when you can get a small town, beer drinkin' crowd to stop in their tracks and have them just look atcha like a zoo attraction (w/o them throwing their aforementioned beer at you), you got 'em right where you want 'em!

Each tune from our new opus (Electrik Steam Show -- on sale now!) was met with enthusiastic applause and general, rural hootin' & hollerin'. Folks danced, too, eventually. Not sure if they danced with Bandmeister Randy B when he leaped onto the dance floor with his usual reckless abandon for some rockabilly/swing shreddin'.... I was busy staring at the lovely staff sporting our high quality, comfortable, wearable merchandise. 


The Goose staff... proudly showing their... I mean OUR, wares



Two sets later, a full house still, with the crowd showing their approval with applause, pats on the back, liquor sales and purchase of fine, fine PDC products. Yessir, the kind of night where everyone goes home happy.

Lovely merch attendantettes and classy dames, too




                                                      New friends! No, Sawbones did not pay for these photo opps




Some sort of weird, male muso bonding going on here..... damn that Goose Juice makes ya friendly!



Fan with Sawbones' chapeau. NOT... ONE... WORD.... about the size of my head



Goose Bumps, High Fives, Etc.


A wonderful, successful, rockin' outing in Hanna. Our first time there, but likely not our last. Thanks to Sam and the killer staff at The Goose, Mrs. Watts and Mrs. Watts for service above and beyond, all the folks who helped promote this event and, of course, YOU for reading this rigmarole!



Things Overheard at The Goose


"I'm a virgin in the ways of Punch Drunk Cabaret." - referring to PDC

"It was like a roller coaster but sh****." - NOT referring to PDC

"Take a picture of sleepy f****** McGee... you fall asleep, I'm kicking you in the nuts.



Things Seen Other Than PDC At The Goose


X-ray fellatio (Editor's Note: Don't ask.)



And that's the unvarnished truth.