All Hallow's Three

Greetings to you, Hobgoblins & Hobnobbers! It's a frightening edition of The Unvarnished Truth!!!! But don't be scared. The only thing to be afraid of is my bloody massacring of grammar.

I trust your Halloween was sufficiently spooky and also included plenty of candy (for our young readers) and cleavage (for the "mature" readers). 

Your Punch Drunk pals performed three Halloween shows in four days! This means that your ol' Sawbones' ravaged-by-the-80's brainbucket doesn't quite recollect a whole lot of this past wild weekend of whirlwind gigs. But I shall do my best to provide at length..... it's just what a gentleman does.



Trick Or Treat pt. I



On October 28th, we kicked off our Troika Of Terror with the Rocky Horror Steampunk Ball at Edmonton's Starlite Room. Oh lord, that was a weird one. But quite honestly, 'twas some of the most chaotic fun we've ever had!   



It started off poorly, however, when I arrived at a completely empty venue like a schmuck a full two hours before the actual scheduled load-in time. (Editor's Note: Ravaged-by-the-80's brainbucket again?)

And this may be why bass players get bad reputations. That and inconvenient STD's


So I did what any one would do.... removed my dungarees and pranced about the room with reckless -- yes, pantsless -- abandon. I discovered later that I may have been photographed by the venue's security cameras. By the way, if any of you lot finds and posts the aforementioned rumoured video footage on social media, you will be hunted down and gutted like a fish. I have a reputation as a prude and a pacifist to protect.


Before the show, we tested out a new prop: an antique, copper, steam-belching ship's vent. It was aimed in Capt. Sean E. Watts' direction all night so he may have a slight emphysemic wheeze next time you talk to him. 


Since PDC are not as young and sprightly as we once were, it was important to pace one's self on the eve of the three shows in such close proximity. Things we do backstage to prepare for a typical high energy performance:


 - stretch, do vocal and finger exercises


 - practice particularly difficult musical passages


 - point, pout, pose and prance (bassist only)


We always say that the steampunk shows have the only audiences that actually outdress the band. This event was no exception. Behold all of the following lovely folks in all of their gloriously eccentric finery!



Elements of Rocky Horror, steampunk and an illuminated Marie Antoinette. Yep, the audience outdoes us again!


Your scarily behatted heroes tried to pull out the darkest and apropos of material for this one incl. "Gravediggers Of The World Unite" and "Allemand" from the latest album. We also smashed thru a hastily cobbled chorus of "Let's Do The Time Warp Again". Hey, someone's gonna sing that one eventually anyway. It might as well be us. 


PDC in Black & White.....                                     And in Colour 


Capt. Sean E. Watts being bad.                           Fraternizing with the hot merch girl for some reason



Trick Or Treat pt. II


Next stop on the Halloween (Road) Apples Tour -- the Goose Pub in Hanna, AB. Home of Nickeback and a brand spankin' new Timmies. You know you've made it when....


Our good name: solid yet still slightly off                                             A goose


Here's another example of how this time of year brings out the best and creative in people. Like these smart looking Halloween revelers here:



For legal reasons, Sawbones' face has been edited out of this picture.                          And the t-rex's from this one



The second show in as many nights did not dampen our resolve. The Hanna faithful were treated to more popular hits, deep cuts and requisite showmanship. PDC is known for it's high energy output, sing-along tunes and irresistible danceability. We are also downright obdurate toward cowardly critics, naysayers and other party poopers! But sometimes we must reveal the soft underbelly of the fancypants world of rock 'n' roll....

After a high octane night of PDC energy, Bandmeister Randy B takes a breather.... or he's locked out of his room, one of the two



Things Overheard On This Tour From Completely Anonymous People


 - I swear I just saw a guy kissing Johnny Depp


 - I don't know where those f***ing fingers have been





Trick Or Treat pt. III 



Fortunately, there was one day off between Hanna and our third date, the mighty Vat in Red Deer! Just enough time to recharge the batteries and recalcify them old bones. 


Halloween fell on a Monday this year so I wasn't so sure people would wanna be out especially when the odds are they still did 'er up good on the weekend. But because of the good name and reputation of Punch Drunk Cabaret, local Red Deerians (Red Deerites? Red Deerintheheadlights??) came thru! But I wasn't so sure early on....


9:30pm in the parking lot


Solemn... and worried


But about half way thru our first set, the throngs (not to mention thongs) arrived. In good festive spirit, too! Pirates, Vikings, steampunkers, a Bob Ross lookalike... all manner of outfits of varying degrees of blatant sexuality were in attendance! That's what makes a man's blood flow, I tells ya. Especially that Bob Ross. He was quite the looker.

ol' Bob Ross painting a happy little tree on the PDC mic stand


Yet again, the demons cut rugs with the angels as we busted out our darkest yet danciest material. If you paid attention you may have heard a new, revved up, mashed up "You've Got Another Thing Comin'" with "Radar Love". How we did it, I can't say. Deal with the devil? Ouja board advice? Or maybe it's just our (fill in deity of your choice)-given talent to ensorcell audiences with our mesmerizing, magnificent music. All humility aside, of course. (Editor's Note: Of course!


Sawbones and local fave, Duresa                         SB with Pete The Soundman and the Panda Man



Is that a pistol in your hand or are you just happy to see me?



Post Mortem


Thankfully, we have all of this photographic evidence to remind me that there was much partying and revelry going on during our Howloween tour. And yes, maybe the excess imbibing had something to do with it. But as they say in politics, whaddya gonna do? New friends and old acquaintances were again made (some whose actual faces I never saw due to a combination of their costuming and my peripheral inadequacies of the contact lenses I was wearing). PDC enjoyed another successful Halloween season with all y'all!

Thank youse go to, well, youse for reading this scary goop. Also Papa Razzo and Lisa Dodd Watts for some key pics.


And that's the unvarnished truth.