Best Summer EV-ER!

Hello there! Come hither and avail yourself to another edition of The Unvarnished Truth -- the continuing testimony of PDC’s lascivious life on the road…. with not so much lascivious in it.

Hands Free

This past weekend we traveled down the QE 2 to Red Deer’s Bower Ponds for their 2nd annual Best Summer Ever event. In tow once again was our pal D’Jeff Nyback along with his wife D’Sam and Flasky the flask…. a budding, viral celebrity if there ever was one. Flasky is one cute lil scamp and is getting the lion’s share of attention lately. If you see him though, don’t ask for an autograph cuz he won‘t give you one. Fame is making him surly. Plus he has no hands.

Flasky helping out by drawing attention to today's blog title

Graze The Ball

Ahhh, picturesque Bower Ponds on a perfect day... summer sunshine, a lake in the park, majestic pooping geese, pedal boats, aquasac (that giant clear ball/sphere you get inside of and go absolutely nowhere). My mind’s eye thought, “hmmm, what are the odds of getting the Rev into that thing?” When I grazed the suggestion to him, he didn’t seem very game. I thought drummers were supposed to be “crazy”.

Mascot Love

We didn’t do a lot of dilly-dallying upon arrival (though Flasky seemed to have plenty of time to kill by taking in the local sights). The show was at 2pm so we got right to set-up, sound check, a brief refreshment then…. SHOWTIME!

Flasky and his new friend, Alberta Titan


Pre-Show Rituals...

... Bandmeister Randy B and Sawbones warming up...


...The Rev chillin' out....


...and Flasky takin' care o' bidness.


We also didn’t know what to expect, audience-wise. These weekend open-air park deals attract all-types of music lovers: transients, seniors and nuclear families including the toughest audience of all… children! Why do you think we have a loveable mascot? It ain’t me, as most of you would naturally assume, but Flasky, of course.

Rare pic of the seldom photographed setlist. Flasky gets the scoop!

Hot Hot Hot

Few surprises for this event. By now, during summer season, we’re used to performing in humid conditions in our hot fashion statements. Today was +25 not including humidex. The photos you see on the interweb may make us look “cool” but trust me, dear reader, we’re sweatin’ like piggies-in-a-blanket…. incredibly well-dressed piggies!

PDC commanding the stage with intensity!.... and some guy texting in the background.


Live Notes

On this day, we unsheathed a new song from our ample catalog: “Division Of The Damned”. It’s just one of many new numbers we’re road-testing for our second album to be recorded in the fall. Sign up now for a copy! Demand it at record stores! Write your highly overpaid senator!!

Bowing down to the Reverend of Rock

The soundman understandably mistook my 12-string bass for a weird, chorus-effected instrument. But, rest assured, I corrected him by explaining that it is a “man’s bass” and that no puny effects were used (or needed).

It also behooves me to apologize to the two-year old fan I publicly berated for not clapping along during one of the songs. Sorry, kid. That’s what happens when you don’t do as you’re told. Mommy and daddy will explain it to you… it‘s a cruel, tough world out there. So don’t talk to strangers and don’t trust hat-wearing bassists with more than four strings.

Now Less Absorbent

Some new sights to behold included: The Rev. Robin Eklund’s sexy summer shorts (I believe he‘s worn them before but didn‘t say anything for fear of drawing attention to the fact I noticed)…  Sawbones’s sexy Conquistador facial hair... Bandmeister Randy B's sexy new pantaloons that don't hide posterior perspiration too well -- a small flaw in practical design but that’s the price one must pay for style.

The Triple F!

Familiar faces & friends:

Peter, Mike and the rest of the crackerjack crew for putting this event on

Zap from Kraze

Rob “Robot” Ducharme, former Screwtape Lewis noisemaker and new owner of two quality PDC flasks!

Dave Chapman for awesome pics (as usual)

The Family Sagan…. hip hats & cool casts…. Thanks for coming out, gang! Especially Dad who is probably the most injured attendee at a Punch Drunk show. Now that’s dedication!

D'Sam for merch help… and enduring our highway wit

D'Sam! ...and da merch


End Of The Road

With the exception of a gargantuan traffic holdup coming home on the QE 2, ‘twas a perfect day to rock. Even lousy driving by homeward campers who cause miles-long highway stoppages couldn’t ruin the satisfaction of a gig well done. And thank goodness that Flasky was there to keep us all in good spirits! (Editor’s Note: maybe Flasky should get his own blog…???)

And that’s the unvarnished truth.