Birthday Suit

Welcome to a mini-blog edition of The Unvarnished Truth... where size (despite what you've heard) isn't everything.

Happy Womb Eviction Day!

Last weekend, PDC suited up to celebrate someone's birthday suit! A band friend brought us in to play a surprise birthday party for his wife at Edmonton's folksy little venue, Expressionz Cafe.

Brian Z and the focus of his affections and evening's festivities, Carol

The Little Flask That Could

It warms the cockles of my cold heart to announce that after a brief hiatus, our beloved mascot Flasky returned to the fray along with his guardian, D'Jeff Nyback. One can only imagine what wacky mischief Flasky got into without us. He gets into enough WITH us, that's for sure! Welcome back, ya lil scamp!

Flasky already hogging the buffet table


Age Of Consent

As you may know, we'll do almost anything for money... as that's what good snake oil salesmen do. We've played a few strange gigs over the years but this is the first surprise birthday party. And though the clientele was slightly older than our regular audience , that didn't deter us from doing our job. No sir. Neither rain nor sleet nor skewed demographic will prevent us from doin' what we do... and that's rock, swing, wear funny hats and titillate the masses where applicable.

I must admit it was the first time in many shows that my wandering eye and tortured libido were not put to the test by the requisite amount of way-too-young, female smokeshows normally on display. Truly, this night's audience was not only older but for the most part, no maneaters I could see. And yet, if my contradictory heart and yearning loins could shed a collective tear over this absence, they would. Stupid heart. Silly loins.

It's Not The Size

The stage at Expressionz Cafe is small but this band fears no stage so it's a moot point. Your Punch Drunk pals take a certain modicum of pride in utilizing every inch of that forum to bring the maximum amount of entertainment and satisfaction possible to the audience. Far be it from me to suggest this a sexual metaphor -- although we do get in the habit of enjoying a kind of post-coital cigarette after every performance.

And how did we perform, you may ask? We kept our stamina up for an engorged sixty minutes. So metaphorically speaking, pretty impressive!

Damn you, small stage.... damn you

New Affairs

We've been busting out new songs all summer long, gauging audience response. Hopefully by year's end a new album will be in the works and it plum tickles our fancies if you enjoy any of the new compositions. Sometimes one gets tired of the ol' ball & chain and a new mistress comes along to seduce you away.... again, metaphorically speaking.



 - Brian Zahorodniuk and his birthday wife Carol (thanks for the invite and great photos, as usual!)
 - music lover extraordinaire Forrest Bard
 - unsung hero D'Jeff "I Got Your" Nyback
 - also on the bill and graciously allowing us to share the stage with her... Chapman Stick enchantress, Dale Ladouceur

the virtuosic Dale Ladouceur laying down some stick


And that is a li-i-i-i-ttle itty bit of the unvarnished truth.