Calling Dr. Rock

Greetings, All! This is The Unvarnished Truth..... the blog that tells the ongoing story of the biggest lil three-piece band in the land, Punch Drunk Cabaret, as told thru the eyes of Randy, a bass player..... oops.... that should be a randy bass player


Praise Cheeses


Last weekend, we performed at a private wine & cheese party for a couple celebrating his PhD in geology. Now correct me if I am in error, but doesn't that make this fellow The Doctor Of Rock? And if so, isn't it appropriate that your fave rock stars in waiting, PDC, constipated.... rather, consecrated the event? In retrospect, though, I did eat a lot of cheese.


Our change room. No cheese here.... though it did have the olfactory sensation of parmesan.



Stairway To Hell


The venue was an abandoned mall movie theatre (and former church) that had two flights of stairs in order to get down to the stage. We experienced a reversal of metaphor that night. Load-in descension into the depths was downright heavenly compared to ascending back up to street level which was hellish and stroke-inducing. Good thing we had some help: apparently Bandmeister Randy B has a relative I hadn't known about.... Cousin Craig, whom you may have seen at his regular gig running lights at the Bailey Theatre in Camrose, was on hand to give us a hand! Thanks, Cuz!!!


                  Unsettling religious symbol...                           and a doorway containing....         an even more unsettling religious symbol.



Steampunk Love


The Man O' The Hour was our friend Michael who recently received his rock doctorate. He and his good lady Stephanie are fans of the band and never fail to show up at a gig dressed to the nines in steampunk regalia. Their guests, for the most part, did the same. 'Twas like a mini steampunk ball complete with a buffet of wines, comestibles and delicious & nutritious scotch. Which, incidentally made the hellish equipment load-out afterward go that much smoother (if slower). 

Michael & Stephanie... good eggs. Good, intelligent eggs.





After a surprisingly injury-free load-in, the obligatory set-up and soundcheck commenced. The PDC 3 had some new roles this day. Capt. Watts ran sound, Bandmeister checked the drums and I spent most of my time putting up the backdrop with all the frustration of an IKEA patio set assembly. To paraphrase Red Green --  good thing I'm handsome cuz I sure ain't handy!  


Alien running sound?                                           Bandmeister beatin' the soundcheck skins.



Come performance time, we were told to just start our first set and then when the friends of the new doc heard the racket of rock in the theatre, they'd come in from the foyer where they gathered to nosh, kibbutz and other Jewish references. So for the first time in Punch Drunk Cabaret history, we opened to a completely empty room. Oy vey!

Set 1: lonesome view from the stage.



Alive.... It's Alive!


Once we got going and the guests got going into the theatre, it was business as usual. Dancing, singing, flirting (just me).... a regular Punch Drunk slobberknocker on a smaller scale! We pulled out all the stops as well as songs out of our derrieres to placate,  titillate (but not obfuscate) the lucky chosen few who were witness to the spectacle. Newbie covers "Goody Two Shoes" and "Through The Curtain" were executed with our usual rip 'n' tear tactfulness, while "Columbian Smokeshow" and "Shake Dust" got another dusting off.

Our friend and wine & cheese reveler, C. Thrall, Esq. takes the stage to vocally compliment the rarely heard gem, "Shake Dust (Hell Yeah)". Fun question: Is he singing the "hell" or the "yeah" with Sawbones? (pic used by kind permission of by C. Thrall, Esq.)



F-Bombs And Children: Let's Discuss  


At this time, I'd like to apologize to those in attendance if I inadvertently dropped an f-bomb over the microphone within ear shot of wee kidlets. Very inappropriate and inexcusable behaviour in front of impressionable tykes. In my defense, I was drunk. 

I'd also like to request forgiveness from any pertinent ladies that evening for my use of the query, "would you like to be a fly in my ointment". It was uncalled for, not to mention an hilariously ineffective pickup line..... should actually be the other way around.


Cheeses Praise


Great work and a hearty okee doke to Stephanie for planning the mostly surprise vino et fromage bash for her man, Michael. And congrats, once again to the man himself for earning a degree with your brain. I am in awe, sir! And of the potential with which one could use a brain to do make... stuff... doing... things... <blorp... fritz>...  


Backstage: using our brains for fun!



Also thanks again to Cousin Craig for the back-breaking work and the easiest light show you've ever had to run!


And that's the unvarnished truth.