Cherry Poppin' Laddies

Happy October, ladies & gents! The Unvarnished Truth enjoyed a nice, hot summer and is now looking forward to heating up fall like a furnace full of fire!


First Bass

On Thursday last, PDC went into the floral business for one night, deflowering the brand spanking new Camrose Performing Arts Centre! Yes, minions, your ol' Punch Drunk pals were the first ever band to enter this virgin venue. But don't worry, we were gentle. One could suppose that although our friends Tupelo Honey were the actual evening's headliners that they'd be given official title as first act but technically, we performed first, so there. Sorry, TH!! I also find it quite satisfying that the first bass guitar heard by a paid audience was not an average 4-string but my well-endowed 12-string! Tough to go back after that if you get my meaning.

Backstage: Sawbones......                    Bandmeister Randy B.....                     Wolfman/Fidel/Tupelo Greg


New Auditorium Smell

Nothing like that fresh aroma of new stuff! New lights, new sound, new seats.... and then your favorite traveling & sweaty snake oil salesmen wander in from the dusty trail and soil up the place right good. Well, if you're gonna break in a new venue, might as well do it up the only way we know how.... including a pinch of panache, a modicum of musk and a swath of style! (Editor's Note: Could be the next album title right there.)


(Double) Rock 'N' Roll Duty

Our friends Tupelo Honey rolled out an acoustic set for the CPAC first witnesses.... but not before PDC pounded away patron senses with a ferocious set of our renown haberdasher rock. Good thing, too. For I fear our set may have tuckered out our interim percussionist Greg Williamson, who was on loan from Tupelo this night. That's ok, Greg. It's the Punch Drunk way! 


Headliners Tupelo Honey, acoustifying


Praises, Pities, Kudos And Creeps

Although the auditorium and, really, the entire building was beautiful, 'tis a shame there was no dance floor to speak of! PDC's rhythms simply beg to be danced to. Just remember that next time you attend one of our shows.... make some room or get up on your chair and shake a leg with us. We want to see ya! Plus it's an opportunity for your ol' Sawbones to ogle at lovely ladies without getting in trouble for it (again).

Thanks to all the staff at Camrose Performing Arts Centre for a great inaugural concert in your fine facility. Peter, Cheryl, Nick, Carol, Hope just to name a few. Extra hiccup and thanks to Karen for taking pity on me and giving me a much needed glass of red.

A Karen sandwich...                             Lovely merch gals....                           Crackerjack CPAC crew


Pride During The Fall

First gig of the autumn is in the books, dear reader. And, hoo doggie!....  do we have some spooky shindigs comin' your way! We're proud as Punch to tell you about two back-to-back Hallowe'en shows.... The Bailey Theatre in Camrose on the 31st and the Steampunk Monster Ball in Edmonton on Nov. 1st. If you can make it, now's your chance to try and outdress the band! It's difficult but can be done with the aforementioned panache, musk and style. With maybe not so much musk.

And that's the unvarnished truth.