Comin' 'Round The Mountains (pt. II of III)

Hi-ho, dear patron of amazingly good taste! It's part two of our three date mountain excursion! Did the higher elevation make us want to kill someone? The long road travel? The braindead tourists who stand and photograph wild animals too closely along the highway? Read on and make it fun by guessing ahead of time who the casualties will be!

After our triumphant foray into the hazy world of hippie culture in Robson Valley, your Punch Drunk pals gumbooted 'er to the Okanagan city of Kamloops for Music In The Park. Amazingly, at a permanent bandshell next to the river square in the middle of town, live music is performed there every day of the summer.

Where's Flasky?

This is our second day without Flasky, our wee brave mascot who could be lost somewhere lying in a pile of kitty litter covered in his own fresh tears and begging for change. If you see him, tell him we miss his cute little logo.

Flasky would love this balmy paradise. People rave about Kelowna but methinks underrated Kamloops has the cultural openness to not only embrace all kinds of music but welcome an inanimate red booze flask just as much as we have.

But enough about that thankless little bastard! Give us the poop, scoop, skinny and lowdown, Sawbones!

The Smalls

A local studio owner and radio jock booked our grateful selves for this show. His name is Henry Small and he's a pillar of talent and musical experience, singing with Canadian icons Prism back in the day. He also toured the nation with the late, great John Entwhistle of The Who. (Editor's Note: full points if you guessed him as the first casualty!)

You've heard of pickin' & grinnin'? Bandmeister Randy B is swingin' & smilin'

Hot As Fudge

Another hot summer day awaited us as we setup to an empty park. But as soon as we got soundcheck out of the way, tune lovin' folks ran, walked or shambled towards us zombie-like to soak up the PDC sound as well as the sun.

One of the band's blessings is being able to entertain all types of concert goers. The trick is to watch one's language when children, the elderly or beef-witted yokels are in attendance. During our mashup of Mumford & Sons's "Little Lion Man" and Motorhead's "Ace Of Spades", an expletive needed to be replaced with the word, "fudge". Far be it from we, the gentlemanly players of Punch Drunk Cabaret, to intentionally offend sensitive ears. In fact, this substitution worked so well that we're kicking around the next mashup: Cee Lo Green's "Fudge You" and W.A.S.P.'s "Animal Fudge Like A Beast"... I know! Fudgin' gold!!


She Bop

Now I'm not sure how I'm supposed to feel about this. Goodness knows my fellow dapper dans and I try to put on a good show for y'all... but sometimes things get weird. Like the Down's girl who stood at the front of the stage squealing and grabbing her nether regions everytime we pointed and smiled at her. Is this how The Beatles started? Should we be thankful it wasn't a male pulling the same, um.... response? I don't know but it definitely rubs ME the wrong way.

Sawbones looks the other way after inadvertently encouraging audience participation of another kind

Metal For Breakfast

Bandmeister Randy B's old friends Terry & Angie put us up for the night during our stay in 'Loops. He's an RCMP officer who is a massive music lover with a great sense of humor and is an all-around good egg. In fact, while we had our bacon & eggs on the morning we left for Banff, Terry was in uniform and on call for the day's shift. I can safely say that's the first time a meal's been served to me by a man with a gun. I told him I enjoyed the food but quite frankly, I think I had to.

The Rev. Robin Eklund.... a rare peek at his new plaid dungarees. He's very proud


Most improved speaker: The Rev. Robin Eklund... steppin' up his game with banter, balls and bravado!
For Bravery And Service: Henry, Mike & the rest of the Lee's Music crew
Most Patientest & Kookiest Photographer: Sam Birchall for the pics you see in this blog

One more stop to go.... Banff or bust.... or both, hopefully.

And that's the unvarnished truth.