Deja Nu

Hello Again

Greetings, dear Reader, and welcome to the very first Unvarnished Truth of 2013. We missed you! You never call!! Now don't think for a second that we've been lazin' around like a bunch of slack-jawed troglodytes simply waiting for stuff to happen. Nosirreebob. Our jaws are positively stiff with excitement, as this year will be a manic chapeau shop of activity for your behatted heroes. Why, this past weekend alone included both a gig and a video shoot. Whew! No rest for the taut-mandibled.

'Twas the gig that should never have been.The first couple months of this year, your pals in PDC were supposed to take a short hiatus for the blessed birth of a bouncing band baby when a show opportunity materialized that we almost turned down. But the stars aligned, the skies parted and Rev. Robin's wife let us.

For the second year in a row, an identical bill. Deja vu all over again (usually meaning a glitch in the Matrix, haha... you're welcome, movie nerds). Cue a repeat performance at  The Tap Room in Camrose with special guests, The Brown Paper Bags! There was no cover charge and therefore no excuse to not be there even if you lovely Camrosians have already seen us fifty-eight times.

Yep. The same bands in the same order in the same venue.... and even using the same soundman from a year ago! So was there anything different from last time? Well, we played some new stuff, I almost broke my bass and the soundman didn't get into fight.

The sound tech -- code name: Shaggy -- was involved in a small skirmish with a patron at last year's Tap Room 1st Anniversary show. And the legend grew via the grapevine ever since! Today you may even hear tell of the Shag Man that fateful night fending off a gang of thugs with one arm and running the soundboard with the other whilst drinking mead and ravaging comely handmaidens. Can't wait for next year's grapevine!!

Balancing Act

It was another chapter in the book of "Sawbones's How Not To Do Something."

Unwritten Rule Of Rock 'n' Roll # 101: Whether it's your instrument, stage antics or groupies.... practice, practice, practice! I clearly did not heed these sage words. <sigh> The dogged perils of non-practice came to bite me on this evening as I almost broke my relatively new (and not cheap) bass guitar.

See, years ago, I used to do this neat trick of balancing my bass upside down on my toe, kicking it up and catching it in mid-air to thunderous applause. This night there was thunder, alright. It came from the sound of the beloved bass slipping from my shoe and tumbling to the floor. Crash! Boom! Thud! (Also the sounds of my ego taking an equal beating.)

Kids: don't try this at home. If you do, make sure you use an inexpensive guitar and a nice, thick rug.

...And Other Mishaps

Most people see the final result of a typical, professional rock show: the lights, the smoke, the sexually-hypnotic inter-member choreography. But the stuff you don't see are things like equipment load-ins, fights with the promoter, backstage tears, etc. Ol' Ringmaster Randy had his share of gear trouble with a broken string during performance and a lighting rig falling onto one of his amps. So I guess I won't kvetch too much about a silly dropped bass. Now If you'll excuse me, I'll just be backstage.

Foreshadowing With A Side Of Cusstard

We busted out some new compositions for consideration on a future PDC opus. Remember these titles! There may be a quiz.

 - Shake Dust (Hell Yeah)

 - Hail The Kings Of Steampunk Swing

 - Shit Town, Alta

Modern day classics, no doubt! Attendees were also treated to a rural rendition of Cheap Trick's "I Want You To Want Me" as well as an impromptu version of The Northern Pikes's "She Ain't Pretty", among others. And what is it with audiences that after all these years, they still love to do that f-bomb sing along during "Mony Mony"? Beats the tarnation out of me. But I gotta admit.... I sure like it when pretty gals cuss.

Hail The People!

As always, Punch Drunk Cabaret are humbled by your readership, listenership, patronage & suffrage. We single out these fine folks on this occasion.

 - Kevin "K-Rock" O' C., our faithful road manager and protector of the innocent

 - Cookie, the Collage Queen Of Camrose

 - Chad & the rest of The Brown Paper Bags, top drawer dudes, all.

 - Hayley, the wonderful young fan we met before the show.

The Low Down

So keep checking Facebook, our website and of course, this blog for all of the crazy, band goings-on 2013. Plus, keep interacting with us, too, as we love to hear what you think about stuff. Whenever something good happens to us, it's because of y'all. Otherwise, we'd be playing with each other all by ourselves. See, that's wrong on so many levels. Thanks for not letting us sink that low.

And that, right there, is the unvarnished truth.