Double Headed Monster Pic Bloganza!

Greetings... The Unvarnished Truth is scary business this time around!

Welcome to a possessed version of the PDC road blog. Now that was a Hallowe'en weekend I could sink my proverbial fangs into! And evidently, so could a lot of you. The planets aligned and the ghosts of Draculs past blessed us with back-to-back Hallowe'en performances. With both shows in our rearview mirror Christine-style, we provide you with a photographic record of events Maximum Overdrive-style. (Editor's Note: Please try to refrain from bad 80's horror movie references)


Nightmare On PDC Street I

The ever-familiar (and our second home) Bailey Theatre in Camrose hosted the first of our two Hallowe'en shows. If you've ever read this band's history, you'd know that oddities sometimes happen to us at this venerable old haunt. But on All Hallow's Eve itself, one would think that ghostly goings-on would once again prevail. Strangely, or even mockingly, they did not. Chicken-ass spectres!!


Pre-Show Jiggers 

Rule of thumb: Don't excessively smoke and drink before a gig. We completed soundcheck by 6:30. Hit the stage at 12:30. Hallowe'en party at Bandmeister's castle in the interim.... and the imbibing began.. I thought to myself that if there is a god.... please help me!!!

Luckily, The God Of Merciful Excess came through. We pounded out a spooky set with typically Punch Drunk bravado and topically ghoulish gumption. A new wrinkle in our ghostly appearance was the debut of our latest interim skinsman, Capt. Sean Watts! He blasted away both nights on a special standup drum kit that had everyone doing double takes, Linda Blair-style!



Sawbones: pre-show                                  Post-show: Sawbones and lighting tech, Craig      Good pal, DJ Jazzy Jeff Nyback, spaced out



Capt. Watts's kit                                               Super fan and 'Bones                                 Zombies, Sawbones and Skeletons, oh my   


Nightmare On PDC Street II

Your ol' Sawbones dodged a bullet the next day after suffering a deplorable case of celebration. My great-grandpappy's secret family hangover elixir always does the trick.... but since I didn't pack a case of that stuff with me, I settled for chicken wings and coffee.

The second show took place at the Arts Barns's Westbury Theatre in the heart of Old Strathcona. Though Hallowe'en was officially over, that didn't stop the Edmonton Steampunk Society from frightening (and classing up) the joint. Their Monster Ball was replete with all manner of Victorian vampires, fiendish fauns and a lot of fellas with hats! I don't think I saw a male without some kind of headgear. Perhaps in Steampunk culture on this night, you can be a monster.... but be a gentleman about it.


Lovely patrons, sure. But beware of horns, fangs and concealed axes!


Nyctophobics Not Welcome!

This was not a night for the faint of heart. All manner of disguised creatures came from the darkness and with an agenda: to have a great time, of course! Our audience was not only well dressed but well refreshed and ready to dance. And what dastardly curs would we be to deny them that? So we performed two sets that night complete with all the PDC tunes y'all love to dance to.... "The Immaculate Pompadours", "Pandemonium", "Two Brown Bottles Of Beer", etc. But of course, Capt. Sean Watts was at the helm of his spanky-lookin' standup cocktail drum kit so we busted out a dirigible-load of cover tunes like "She Ain't Pretty", "Stray Cat Strut" and a surprise, unrehearsed version of "Tush" that one may not recognize at first but ended the evening with last.


Capt. Watts at the helm: photographing, gesturing and pointing... oh yeah, he plays drums, too


Chapped Man Boobs And Other Devilish Delights

But rock 'n' roll has it's price as the band suffered a variety of injuries and embarrassments this night. First, Bandmeister Randy B suffered a classic rock 'n' roll pants crotch split in Camrose. The second night he had to deal with small technical problems (the Spirit of Musical Gear Glitches Past had obviously gotten bored with me and moved on).

My only issue was that the zombie-esque white contact lenses I wore were slightly ripped by the end of the first set in Edmonton. No doubt from the staggering amount of eye contact I was making with the fairer sex.

The newbie Capt. Watts was also not impervious: blisters galore from the torrid pace that which PDC is known for and chapped pectoral muscles from the torrid couture PDC is known to wear! Do not weep for us, dear reader, for one must occasionally suffer for one's art.  

The Bandaged Blister Blues


The Creatures Of The Night (What Sweet Music They Make)

Truth be told, these shows were among the most enjoyable in PDC's history. The wonderfully freakish audiences out-dressed the band and the band didn't embarrass themselves with bleeding eyeballs, pus-y blisters or exposed crotchal anatomy. 'Twould be unbecoming of gentlemen such as ourselves.


The best dressed audience in Edmonton!



Bram Stoker's Lucy?                             Sawbones getting a helping hand 


To Be Braised.... Um, Praised

Commodore Mel Wartenberg for her organizational skills and steampunk eye for musical talent(!).... tech director Tessa, soundman Aaron and of course, Virgo Vermeil: Steampunk Stylist, creator of my beloved steampunk tailcoat.... whose professional name I did not fully mention from the stage (I only ever call her Char-Min). Please forgive this ol' Sawbones. My nyctophobia may have kicked in and made me flustered.

And that's the unvarnished truth.