Gettin' (Road)Hammered


And just like that, another edition of The Unvarnished Truth arrives like a surprise pregnancy or that sudden mole on your face. You just can't get rid of it so easily!  

We were fresh off the U of A show where, energy-wise, the audience was akin to a cold, dead lover. Your musically necrophilic friends in PDC carried on, as always, with the hopes of a new, vibrant and truly live audience. This time, a unique challenge: the redneck-ridden tailgate party before the Eskimos/Stampeders football game on Sept 6. Sounds daunting, you say? Read on.....



The game to be.... with the win that never was



Sound Doctrine

The pre-gig challenges loomed large before us -- Job-like in disaster potential but like the Ol' Testament bugger himself, ripe with the opportunity for patience, keeping cool and stickin' to yer guns! First, it was the inaugural performance of our new hired gun on drums, Doug "The Hitman" Meola. And second, it was before an audience of half-liquoured football fans who'd never heard of us. So, no pressure!


Hot, Hot… Hotter Than Heck

The forecast for that day was 24. Time of performance: 26. Wear three layers of clothing and it’s… um… not exactly cooler. But fear not, no meteorological phenomenon will keep us from dressing in our Sunday best and perspiring our way into your hearts! No sleet, nor slush, nor heatstroke, neither! And friend… that’s a PDC professional promise.

Sawbones and a really good actor... I mean a cheerleader


Cut Above The Rest

Contrary to the previous gig (even though patrons, for the most part, had never heard of us), the beer garden crowd were quite enthusiastic to the point of some singing the words to our own songs (like "Hymn" and "Houdini"" for example) as they listened to them for the first time! By the end of our show, the tailgate area was full of won-over, half-cut football fans who simply enjoyed a raucous, good time. See what a little open-mindedness and booze can accomplish?

Post show, Bandmeister and I enjoyed most of the football game before we boot-scooted over to the autograph area where we found our new friends, The Roadhammers! A great Alberta country rock band who had just played the halftime show. Naturally, we took the opportunity to shamelessly have a pic taken with these fellers.


What's left of the half-time show P.A. after The Roadhammers were finished with it


Shameless promotion!! It's a Roadhammer sandwich


Post-Game Show And Kudos

What turned out to be a stressful week in the lives of Punch Drunk Cabaret ended with a triumphant, kick-ass one-of-a-kind gig thanks to the Eskimos organization and their staff.

MVP goes to Doug "The Hitman" Meola for stepping up and delivering some solid hits on the line of rhythmic scrimmage.

Lights guy Nick and soundman Patrick from Production World… holy worker ants!!! Before the show, it’s just these two gents. Afterwards (with no possible exaggeration from an ol’ snake oil salesman like yours truly), 58 guys came out of nowhere to tear down the stage. I barely had time to drink my free beer and sign body parts before I was rushed to rip down my steampunk rig of biblical doom.

Bandmeister Randy B for finding me the lovely, giant Hulk hand beer cozy. Little did he know I’ve always wanted one. 

The Roadhammers for being country gentlemen in the face of our shameless self-promotion.


And that's the unvarnished truth.