Girlesque Show

Why, hello! Ladies & gents... you've just stumbled, intentionally or otherwise, to another crackerjack edition of The Unvarnished Truth. Please sit back, relax and let the soothing words of your humble scribe wash over you like the dirty run-off from a spring snowstorm.

Video Replay

Our latest destination brought us to the Haven Social Club in Edmonton last night for our team-up with River City Revue Burlesque. The ladies of the revue were kind enough to invite us onto the bill and, in tandem, promote the premiere of the music video we recently filmed together.

Global Warming, Schmobal Warming

Now if I may drop my gentlemanly demeanor for one second.... Mother Nature is a conspiratorial bitch. It seems the weather gods have plotted against us once again with an untoward April shower of the snowy variety. The last time PDC tried to perform in Edmonton was last month's ill-fated date at New City, where the event was scrapped due to the headliner's lack of attendance. The weather was bollocks as well... a snowy, stormy unnavigable mess that would've cancelled the event, anyway.  Either way, it feels like there is a conspiracy afoot to prevent this band from being seen and achieving world famous fameness. Sasquatch! Chupacabra! Punch Drunk Cabaret! Wondrous mysteries that the world needs to see!!!

On gig day, the province was walloped by an unwelcome snowstorm overnight and threatened the postponement of another step on the path to PDC glory (or as they say in church, GLO-reh).

Girls On Film

Well, your heroic Punch Drunk pals remained undeterred. Aside from the leftover inclement meteorological unsuredness and a recent bout with a nagging streppy throat, yours truly was feeling unusually positive about the forthcoming show with our new pals, the ladies from River City Revue Burlesque. And why not? Today we released the video we filmed featuring these fine, flapperesque females --  PDC's official second --  "The Immaculate Pompadours". See it here now to re-live the GLO-reh!

To Ogle Or Not To Ogle

Upon arrival to the venue and after a harrowing escape from our rehearsal headquarters in snowbound Dustbowl, Alberta, we were suddenly thrown into the glittery showbiz world of burlesque with a voyeuristic, backstage sneak peak: a cramped dressing room full of half naked burlesque girls, costume racks (not ours), props, assorted helpers and empty liquor bottles (also not ours).

So many questions, too! Where do we change? Where do we put our stuff? How do we keep the bass player from ogling? True pros that we are, and with the possible exception of the last of the aforementioned problems, we found a solution and made due with the few nooks and crannies that were left in the area. Now I know how it must've been in the olden days of vaudeville... entertainers and hangers-on rushing around backstage in a veritable state of higgledy-piggledy. But as it did then and as it was now, everything went accordingly and professionally amidst the flashes of human flesh, sequined costumed changes and me covering my higgledy-piggledy whenever tassled mammary glands were exposed.

In The Closet

Following the RCR show, which was both funny and titillating (yeah, I typed it), PDC hit the small stage with vim & vigor, mere seconds after the video viewing. Each stage is different at every venue. This one has basically a closeted area in which the drummer plays. We didn't much like The Reverend in there all lonesome-like. It felt like he was cutoff from us and the rest of the world (like most drummers are). He soldiered on despite this cruel segregation and delivered what I thought was one of his finest solo breaks during a cover mash-up we call "Sweet Cats".

Equilibrium... Catch The Fever!

The Ringmaster, meanwhile, once again found a way to get on top of a rickety bar table during a guitar break. I don't know how in tarnation he does that. Defying the laws of gravity and prudence, he once again demonstrates why he is master of the ring, the strings and the thing that makes your toes tap. I can't even walk a straight line half the time and have been known to fall off the odd toilet and he's bloody Karl Wallenda with a guitar.

This night was chock full of musical highlights. Chocks included the live version of our hope-to-be hit video, "The Immaculate Pompadours". Also: never-before-heard-by-an-Edmonton-audience tracks, "Smokestack Cadillac", "Shake Dust" and "All Hail The Kings Of Steampunk Swing".  And even then also: a-flu-bug-ridden-and-apologetically-streppy-yet-rousing-delivery-of- the-song, "Long Haul, Short Fuse".

Occupational Hazards I

A real treat for us was having some of the buxom, burlesque lasses dance onstage with us during a few numbers. Potential dangers:

- collision
- collision with embarrassment to ego
- collision with injury to higgledy-piggledy 
- inhalation of sequins
- ogling 

Happily, none of the above occurred and performance harmony was achieved to the delight of both the performers and paying customers.

Occupational Hazards II

'Twas a very successful night by all accounts and a pretty good turnout given the dicey weather and 15 buck cover charge... though I, personally, almost went broke buying my many friends a drink just for showing up.

Extra Kudos!

Extra kudos to:

the staff of Haven Social Club and all the extras in the vid who made it out to this gig!  

And thanks, of course, to River City Revue Burlesque once again for partnering with us for your event and gracing our video with your lovely presence. Despite what you may have heard people say, Punch Drunk Cabaret are NOT eye candy and sometimes need a little help in this area.


Coming Soon....

The anatomy of a video shoot! The tell-all blog about what really went on during the filming of "The Immaculate Pompadours"! Hints of ensuing hilarity: cleavage and chickens and Hutterite bartenders, oh my!!!

And that there is the unvarnished truth.