Irish Licks & Whiskey Pics

Why, hello! Fancy meeting you here! This is The Unvarnished Truth. And you are.....? It matters not. Due to the rollicking ravages of the 1980's, I'll likely forget your name anyway.



Special Guest Van Halen! (Editor's Note: SPELLING!)


And also due to those same ravages, your ol' Sawbones pretty much blames everything on that. Including overdue, pictureless blogs! So this one is a showcase, of sorts. Local photographer Kirk Valan bravely turned up at our St. Paddy's performance at Edmonton's OTR and took a few photos with his new-fangled, fancy pants camera machine. So if you will allow me to pepper my literary meanderings with real talent, that would be smashing. Thank you.


The colourful PDC.... even in b&w



Getting My Irish Up


This was PDC's second consecutive St. Patrick's Day appearance at On The Rocks. Both weekday occasions were heavily populated by rowdy, drinkin' & dancin' partygoers and both occasions were highly successful. Lord help them if we get booked and unleashed there on an average weekend...'twould be pandemonium, surely! (Editor's Note: Gauntlet thrown down!)


Are we singin' the same thing?                                 Are we laughin' at the same thing?



Flesh For Fantasy


A pleasant surprise to us came only minutes before we took to the OTR stage at 9pm... our ol' pals from River City Revue Burlesque (see our "The Immaculate Pompadours" video on YouTube!) opened the evening. Cue Kiki Quinn & Co. to entertain and titillate the masses! I guess that was the club's way of saying that we need more sex appeal than what Punch Drunk Cabaret can muster. Alas, it may be true. Though I will have you know that sexagenarians do find me attractive. So there. 


PDC featuring Sawbones's sex(agenarian) appeal


Backstage, however, and before our show, we needed to transform from the mild-mannered Clark Kent of our street clothes to the Kal-El couture of our super-duper PDC personae. Normally, this has never been much of a problem no matter the telephone booth-sized confines of various venue change rooms. In this case, it was a guy's office beside the kitchen where not only we changed, but the burlesque girls as well.

Trust me, friends. There are worse dilemmas to have. It took everything I had as a gentleman not to gawk in awe as flying costumes, undergarments and half-flashed flesh appeared scant feet from me. That don't mean I didn't steal a peek, y'understand. I ain't dead!

Hiding from the temptations of the flesh. And also sexagenarian groupies.



Electrik Sneakshow


Your behatted buddies in the band played three hard sets of patented Punch Drunk perfection. With a new album j-u-u-u-st around the corner now, the OTR crowd were treated not only to the very musical staples that built our ragged reputation, but forthcoming classics as well! "EliXXXer", "Detonation Time" and "Meat On The Bones" were performed this evening and you can hear them on the new opus, all polished up nice-like.


       Hatless but not riffless Bandmeister                                     Shiftless but not riffless Capt. Sean E. Watts.... and whatever Sawbones is doing 



Random Things Overheard In A Crowded Bar


"I'm from Montreal."

"Can I keep my stuff here?"

"No soundcheck."

"I'm from Montreal."

"Smells like douche."

"I LOVE your mother!"

"I said I'm from Montreal!"





Crazy Dave.... thanks for the shout out from the mic, brother! Good to see you back in the booth at OTR's. I shamefully regret not sparing the time to come over, visit and request a Ratt tune.


Kirk Valan.... thanks for coming out and using your talent to capture ne'er-do-well's like us on film. Hope this doesn't sully your resume!


And that's the unvarnished truth.