Record High (pt. I)

The rumors are true! No, not those rumors (bail was met so you needn't concern yourself). NEW MUSIC, friends! Punch Drunk Cabaret is indeed releasing our second opus very soon!

But to take you there, The Unvarnished Truth will show you the sketchy and unglamourous world of recording! You've heard rumblings of a new album from Punch Drunk Cabaret and now you can practically be there. So realistic are the details you can almost smell them. And Lord knows you really don't want that.

Over the coming weeks, we'll post mini-blogs about our antics (and antiques) in the studio. But just to give you a little taste, here is a photograph of the day Canadian rock darlings, The Sheepdogs, stopped by to say hello. And probably do other stuff... I can't remember.

 l to r; The Rev, Sawbones, Sheepdog, Sheepdog, another Sheepdog, Bandmeister Randy B.

So step right up and get ready, ladies & gents... for a juke joint revival is on the way!