Record High (pt. II)

The Unvarnished Truth continues to venture into uncharted waters. And since we can't swim, may I suggest grabbing your little dinghy, water wings or nearby busty gal and float along with us into the world of record makin'.

Day 1 - S'toon Town

Ahhh... Saskatoon, city of bridges, babes and (almost, long ago, the NHL) blues. The entire album will be recorded and produced here, as was our first one. You remember that one don'tcha? Just click on CD Baby over there (a little to the right.... no, lower... lower.... THAT's it!) if you're still derelict in your duties and git one!

For the entire duration of our stay, Bandmeister Randy B and I are shacked up so kindly at our engineer's house. His name is Ross and you'll get to know this powerful and attractive man later! BTW, ladies, he's taken. The Rev. Robin Eklund is staying with his in-laws just outside of town with his wife and freshly hatched babyling.


Ross Nykiforuk (with the Rev): Our destiny in his capable but smoky hands!


Gitboxes ready for unpackin' and rockin'



Recording and combination lovemaking tip: before one jumps headlong into the main event, a certain modicum of time and care must be allowed for getting to know the area, moving in slowly and playing with the equipment. Which we most certainly did. Before recording, that is.

The place: Glennross Studios, home to close ties with The Northern Pikes and, more recently, The Sheepdogs (who, I can say, are as hairy as their moniker suggests).

People perceive the recording process as a glitzy and exciting notion but it can be tedious. A lot of "hurry up and wait" takes place while we load in our gear, set things up, run a million cables and open up one of a million bags of studio snacks we'll have consumed during the entire duration of our stay.


 Jay Semko of Northern Pikes fame stops by to give Sawbones some beardly advice


Axl's Hair

More hurry up and wait.... ugh. It was a couple of hours getting the drums to sound right. Now that may seem like a lot until you factor in the glacier-like speed of the last Guns 'n' Roses album. And with a little luck, ours will turn out better and without cornrows!


Rev, Ross and cable spaghetti


Aural Health

A virtual truckload of crunchy treats was also unloaded into the main control room so that we may have constant things to munch on as we work. Such are the woes of creativity -- trying to tame that insatiable lust for snacks as well as the obvious aural fixation while trying to be neurally productive. After set up is finally complete and we're fueled by Cajun Jazz Mix, Corn Nuts and coffee, your hopped up PDC pals are ready to snap, crackle & rock!

Essential studio staples: snacks, coffee, readables and, for some reason, hand sanitizer.

A song many of you have heard at our more recent shows, "Pandemonium", gets the first treatment. On this record, we're attempting to record all the basic parts together in a spirit of unity & oneness... and also because The Ramones did it and that darn well pleases the trousers off us.


The Bandmeister: gettin' his "Pandemonium" on?

The Rev is the first to complete a perfect track. Is God truly on his side? And what woes await those of us who aren't in the Lord's favor? The rest of the band anticipates the thunder.....

Next tune: the caustic, unholy alliance between rock, swing and organized chaos... aka "Hail The Kings Of Steampunk Swing". Yet another ditty performed at PDC shows last year and kicked off on this day by the Reverend's patented battle cry (see video link below)!



Fowl Stench

After a long day of set-up, getting sounds and then finally recording something, we were driven back to Ross's place with a special guest in his car: the aromatic remnants of a dead chicken he'd left in the trunk, forgotten for two days. The smell brought a tear to your eye and the distinct sensation of a Lilydale nightmare. Was this the sign of things to come?