Record High (pt. III)

Day 2

Let's kick this blog off in the right direction with an ill-timed, expletive-sprinkled video snippet of a near-tour of the recording facilities!


Though we're now fully settled in to our temporary Saskatoon home, darkling shadows are afoot! Or a foot, at least. We're not happy with the drum sound from yesterday.... the kick drum specifically. Darn those stubborn lower frequencies! Have you ever had a bottom end that didn't co-operate? Might have to do some musical squat thrusts or other aural calisthenics.

Engineer Ross was a-hankerin' for cigarettes on the way to the studio this morning... exhibiting very Larry David-esque qualities in his avuncular Perry Como sweater.... complaining about every topic we can goad him into... and oh we like to goad. I think that's why he stress eats...

Ross Nykiforuk... the engines of mad creative genius at work? Or merely snacking on the job...?


Four tracks tackled today.... firstly: a spicy lil number we call "Columbian Smokeshow." Our unofficial ode to actress Sofia Vergara and others of her red-hot ilk. Oh Sofia..... if you only knew. On second thought... yeah. You probably do.

"Cubbyhole".... the harrowing story of a young damsel in distress tormented by monsters who were men.... our token down tempo number. And also perhaps a rallying call to rise from whatever adversity you came from and transform into a burlesque-ified badass!

What if your dog had your cat's head and the cat had Rover's? Well that's what happens when guys switch instruments as Bandmeister Randy B and I did for the tune, "Long Haul, Short Fuse". He slapped the bass and I played a rented acoustic guitar that's worth more than my ol' jalopy.  


The Bandmeister layin' down some fat grooves

First tune on the 12-string bass is a catchy number called "Division Of The Damned". Standing beside the bass amp inside the little sound booth it's in and the accompanying thunderous effect feels like your bowels move themselves. Or perhaps it's just my advancing age. <sigh>


Bass-eye view of the Rev


Next time:

Broken strings and hungover hearts!