Record High (pt. IV) - The Breakening

Creating The Proverbial Wax Cylinder - Day 3

After yesterday's progress, we had supper at Ross's place and got, as the Rev would say, pissed up. During those times, bands tend to get creative in a goofy way. New concept: a reality show featuring the Larry Davidesque Mr. Nykiforuk called "That Darn Ross!" GOLD, Jerry.... gold.


Typical day in the studio: That Darn Ross and those damned musicians


Worked on "Smokestack Cadillac" and "Thin The Herd"... and am having a tough time with the latter. And shouldn't be. Blew a string, too. Good thing I've got a few spares. Strings for a 12-string bass are rarer than bigfoot excrement in ol' Bridge City.

On the song, "Digg", I thought about using the 12ver but this lil number cries out for a bluesier, funkier, greazier feel that only my trusty 4-string can provide. Yes, I said "greazier". It's fun to say!

"Furnace Full Of Fire".... the last song of ten for the bed tracks.... and the most frustrating for all of us. We messed around with different arrangement ideas mostly to no avail. Also: second bass string blown today.... is/are God/the gods conspiring against we/us?




Day 4

Huzzah! All bass and drum tracks complete! The next day, Bandmeister Randy B begins all proper guitar work (from the stuff that wasn't satisfactory doing live off the floor) and lead vocals.

Today's band meal: delicious, nutritious pizza. Then Randy goes in for more vocal work. A suspect idea not recommended. But I gingerly suggest that if he feels the need to pass oral gas then he should proceed to "let 'er rip" and we can use it to end the record. Suggestion met with silence and then disdain from my peers. This is why I'm not in charge.


(Quicktime clip) Phil Silvers spectacles, Perry Como cardigan, eating pizza with utensils... and our future in his capable hands


"Hola! Quisieras bailar conmigo?"

I am bound and determined to work this into a song called "Columbian Smokeshow". The boys have foolishly given me the opportunity to wail something incoherent and foreign into the mic somewhere in the song. The English translation is "Hello. Would you like to dance?" Since there is a distinct latin flavour in this spicy little number, I thought it would behoove me to learn some proper Spanish. Wish me luck!


(Quicktime clip) Rev getting his rumba on?

Later that day....

Success! They bought it! I mean... approved it! Oy vey, I hope my Spanish is passable!


Next time on The Unvarnished Truth: Congas and Mandolins and Shmenges, oh my!!!


Little Ace - back in the Saskatoon Groove