Record High (pt. V) - This Is The End

The Unvarnished Truth welcomes you to the final blog on the tempestuous creation of our new opus. Will the band survive the recording process? Will the engineer vow never to work with them (or anybody) again? Will methane gas in confined spaces be PDC's undoing? Read on, faithful fan, read on....


Day 5 – Under Pressure Dum Da-Dah Dum-Dum

Trip to music store to rent some congas, acoustic guitars and a mandolin.

Acoustic track recording on “Long Haul, Short Fuse” and “Cubbyhole”. The Rev contributed a whack of percussion (Editor’s Note: Whack. Percussion. I get it.) on the latter. Sometimes one must be properly motivated to get the best performance. Engineer Ross tells Rev he hits like a… well, British cigarette.

The Rev bongin' the congas

With hours eroding and deadlines approaching, the happy-go-lucky atmosphere in Glennross studio takes a more business-like tone. Will we actually finish recording our self-proclaimed masterpiece in time? No pressure. But how can you make rock without pressure?

Day 6 & 7 – Boogie Oogie Oogie

Last of the vocals, background vocals and guitar tracks. Better be, too, as we’ll then have three days to mix ten songs.

Engineer Ross's ghostly visage keeps watch over Bandmeister's tuning

Whilst recording “hey’s” for “Thin The Herd”, the camaraderie and band spirit was felt as we three brothers in rock shouted loud and proud into the mic, recording not just music but the collective, joyful spirit that bonds us together. That warm, oogie feeling subsided, though, when someone who shan’t be revealed passed a goodly amount of methane… assaulting and offending our olfactory senses. Being tethered to our headphones, there was really nowhere to run. It may have been warm, but it sure wasn’t oogie anymore.

8:02 pm -
Now that recording is done…. Let the imbibing begin! Oh, but not you Ross… you still have work to do! What could be more fun than trying to concentrate on your job while three liquored-up knuckleheads are partying it up behind you in the same room?

Post-recording shenanigans.... Ross tries valiantly to do his job while we drunkenly try to prevent him from doing so

Day 8, 9, 10 – Mom Was Right

Garden variety mixing of tracks. But the sounds are coming together. Except for “Cubbyhole”. There was something not quite right, something missing perhaps to give this sombre song the aural gravitas it deserved. So That Darn Ross came up with an idea that the Bandmeister and I bristled at and resisted at first…. a haunting three-part harmony behind the finishing choruses to the song. Turned out great, too, despite our initial reluctance. Moral Of The Story and something your mom may have said: How do you know you don’t like it if you haven’t even tried it?



Our second album, The Juke Joint Revival Hour drops (as the kids say) April 5. We poured our soul, blood, sweat and other bodily fluids into this. Once you clean up the mess we hope you’ll enjoy the music for years to come.


Family portrait: clockwise from left: Sawbones, Rev, Bandmeister, That Darn Ross

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Ladies & Gentlemen, it's been my pleasure. And that's the unvarnished truth.