Riot Act

Happy New Year. Ladies & Gentlemen and all the ships at sea! It's the first Unvarnished Truth of 2015 and though I am obligated to say that, I also mean it sincerely from the bottom of my cold, cold, freezing cold heart!


Get The S'punk Out

'Tis a chilly start to the new year, to be sure, but you can bet PDC is going to heat up the next twelve months with our brand of rockabilly, outlaw country and steampunk swing.... or as I like to call it, S'punk Swing.


We rang in 2015 by performing our last ever show of 2014, New Year's Eve at the venerable Nite Owl club in downtown Calgary. We had the distinct pleasure of opening for Eve Hell and the Razors -- a pure rockabilly trio that is as fierce and fiery as the talented singer/bassist's hair!

Razor sharp: the headliners at soundcheck


For us fellers from a tiny hamlet like Dustbowl, AB, the big rootin', tootin' & shootin' City Of Cows may have been a little daunting. It really wasn't.... but something tells me a big burg like Calgary can smell small town rubes a red mile away. 


Rubbie Dub Dub

The Nite Owl is smack dab in the middle of the downtown core. Curiously, there were more beggars asking for change in one 12 hour period than I'd experienced in a year. It was like a scene out of the Walking Dead: dark, shambling figures without lives wanting a piece of you. But in this case, luckily, they didn't want me for my brain..... a request I normally welcome, btw. 

As we loaded our tools of the trade into the front door of The Owl, I found myself briefly alone at the back of our touring jalopy. As I pulled a piece of gear out of the back, I noticed a helping hand holding the rear door open for me (Editor's Note: Not another sick metaphor, I hope). What I thought was a fellow band mate turned out to be a local derelict standing beside me offering assistance. Normally, help is muchly appreciated. "Many hands make small work", etc., but being in close proximity to a total stranger who appears suddenly out of nowhere gave me the heebie-jeebies so I had to politely decline his offer before I was surrounded and overcome by shambling zombies trying to eat my brain and/or private parts with a spork if they could. This is how paranoia works, kids!


The club itself reminds one of Edmonton's Starlite Room, complete with smaller downstairs venue. A large dimly lit lounge with a touch of goth, it was an apropos home for the night's proclaimed "Rockabilly Riot".


 House soundtech Jess                                     Tools of the trade: ready for the Riot


The night's Rockabilly Riot lived up to the billing. The NYE revelry was rife with champagne, danceable  musical acts and mostly bare naked burlesque ladies. Or, in my world, Wednesday. Backstage, it was a riot of a different sort as musicians, kitchen staff and the aforementioned clothesless babes all not-so-glamourously clamour for space before the show. Nope. It was no glam-clam, but it is rock 'n' roll, kids!


 Backstage: a Glam Clam it ain't!                  Pre-show pow-wow: Eve Hell and the Bandmiester


Once we hit the Nite Owl stage around 10:50, the confined parameters of that stage were quite apparent to us. But small stages nor cramped glam clams nor the shambling shall prevent us from our rock 'n' roll duty! Playing a short but spirited 45 minute set, we pulled out all the stops (starts, yields and merges, too) for a tightly packed display of music, machismo and impeccable fashion sense. Well, you kinda had to because Eve Hell and the Razors were not about to follow us with a wimpy set of fluffity fluff. No sir (or madam)! Our billmates brought it too, bringing in 2015 with a rockabilly roar fit to make even zombies dance!


Post Riot: Razors, Drunks and old friends



Chilled revelers                                              Chilled reveler and chill Sawbones


Arbitrarily Placed Mindless Non Sequitur

Overheard in the queue outside the venue: "The bathrooms here smell like grapefruit." 


Catastrophes, Apostrophes And First World Problems

Ex. 1 - Picture in your mind your ol' Sawbones and Bandmeister Randy B after the gig trying to park the band jalopy in an underground parking lot at a nearby hotel. Now picture a sign that says quite clearly, "6' 6" Clearance". Now picture Sawbones saying something along the lines of, "Oh yeah, you'll make it!" Now picture us.... well, not.

Ex. 2 - Picture In your mind's eye your ol' silly Sawbones hauling several pieces of luggage and guitars from the hotel room down thru the lobby and into waiting jalopy all in one go without dropping most of it in front of a lovely female hotel patron. Now picture him.... well, not. 

Ex. 3 - Picture Punch Drunk Cabaret setting up our table of quality merchandise finery before the show on a table in the club. Now picture us leaving for supper and returning to said club only to find all of the display items of high end PDC frippery vanished without a trace. Now picture us.... well, robbed.

That's rock 'n' roll on the road, kids!


New Skin

I'd like to take this time now to welcome a new permanent member of the PDC team. Please welcome Capt. Sean Watts to the drum stool! Oops... I mean the drum.... standing..... area. Sean has signed on the bottom line for the bottom end as "our man". (Editor's Note: Please refrain from cheeky, sexually ambiguous statements, ok?)

Give him a pat on the back and a decent rum in his hand to make him feel more at home with the likes of us! He'll need all kinds of encouragement and therapy from now on.


Well, as usual in PDC land, never a dull moment as we booted the 2014 year in the rear and embraced the ample, heaving bosom of 2015! Here's to more adventures in rock and to you for reading, listening, and dancing with us!

And that's the unvarnished truth.