Send In The Clowns

You're reading The Unvarnished Truth. It's a little skewed. It's a lot biased. And probably intoxicateblrrghrgle.....


This was PDC's third year in a row at the Edmonton Steampunk Ball. Those crazy creative nuts in charge keep hiring us back! And who are we to argue with damn good taste?  



Illuminati But Nice


Well, let ol' Sawbones tell ya.... the event was a veritable freakshow (said with all possible endearment). The theme was "Dark Circus" and truly brought out the entertainers, animals and delightful weirdees to the Freemasons Hall, November 7th last. A costume ball to end all costume balls, this ball was going out blazing in a flash of colour and kinship. It made the Hallowe'en a few days before look positively drab.


The hallowed halls of the Freemasons Hall


Ahhh... the venerable Freemasons Hall. What tales these old walls could tell. Which, if heard might get you a one way trip to Illuminati purgatory! (Editor's Note: Easy there, cowboy. They have eerie powers.)



Craig's List


In tow, once again to assist in our rock 'n' roll duty, was our actual real cousin, Craig "The Wrench" Hansen. He's a man of many, many dubious talents. Most of which I'm afraid to ask him about.

And I'm not sure how this happened, but he actually is related to everyone in the band. How is that possible? Only the Illuminati knows for sure.

Cousin Craig... does anyone look more badass than this guy???



Flush The Fashion


This is one of the few gigs we play where the audience outdresses the band. And why not? These steampunk folks take their fashion, literature and cosplay seriously! I only wish I didn't look like I really needed to relieve myself in some of these pics.  




Now I'm not a shallow man. Sorry.... that should be I AM a shallow man. This is why your faithful scribe is unafraid to admit it when he sees something he likes. C'mon.... you know what I mean. The sights... the sounds... the cleavage. Lord have mercy, there were more heaving bosoms than an 80's rock video. And what's wrong with that in the midst of the chaos of a cruel, cruel world? Nuthin', that's what.

And if one wasn't paying attention, one might miss the ever-so-slight hint of S&M in some of the costumes. Whips and boots and cages, oh my!


Speaking of cracking the whip... Commodore Mel... the architect, visionary, and mad fool for hiring a bunch of snake oil ne'er-do-wells to sully the good name of the Edmonton Steampunk Society is to be commended for thrice inviting us be the musical belles of the ball. She's as genius as she is kooky. Now them's the kind of folks we likes to associate ourselves with.



Just A Humble Band Of The People


As far as PDC goes, we went in there and did what we do best: rock and look good doin' it. The buzz around our hometown of Dustbowl, AB is that 2016 promises to be hyperactive with a new CD, new video and new facial hair for some. Until then, we gave paying customers a night to remember: Personal appearances in the crowd complete with eye contact! Photo ops with a professional photographer even if they didn't ask for it! Eating their food and drinking their liquor! And, of course, two sets of swingabilly swagger!

Included in the night's performance were solid, ol' reliable chestnuts like "Pandemonium" and "Knuckles" with other possible nuts-to-be, "Hell, Etc." and "Beard Of Bees" thrown in for good pleasure.




The End


Word has it that this would be the final Steampunk Ball under the precise, nautical direction of Commodore Mel Wartenberg. If anyone wants to carry on the weighty mantle of responsibility in keeping this steampunk ship sailing, please step up so we can keep playing gigs.... that is, ummm... so that we may all benefit from this wonderful gathering of sweet-ass human beings.


Thanks to Ryan and Tessa (for tech help), the aforementioned Commodore and, of course, to our Hot Merch Girl Du Jour, L, who shall remain somewhat nameless out of fear a certain musical institution strip her of recent national awards of recognition for being associated with the likes of us.

Trust me, kid. We're doin' you a favor.

L displaying her... rather, OUR wares



And that's the unvarnished truth.




some photos by kind permission of L