Slick's, Cars and the Third World War

Welcome back to The Cabaret.... and another raw, unfettered instalment of... The Unvarnished Truth!

Well friend.... ol' PDC performed at the legendary Slick's in Wetaskiwin this past Saturday during the city's annual Show 'n' Shine.... cars, babes, booze and your friendly neighborhood rock band! Entertainment of the highest quality to be sure! It's a good looking watering hole if you've never been there. Buxom and attractive staff, guitar shaped bar, tasty pub grub courtesy of owner Ron. There's even a dancer's pole located off of stage left should you be so inclined to strut your stuff or mortify your peers as the case may be. They had a nice bar-b-q in the parking lot surrounded by some wicked cool vintage cars. Suffice it to say I felt somewhat motorvehicularly flaccid as I arrived at the venue in my semi-rusted, cinnamon 2000 Neon. A chick magnet it is NOT.

Your hatted heroes did things a little different this day in accordance with the weekend's festivities. After the load-in and soundcheck, we played an impromptu set for the lucky, grizzled, afternoon patrons. One thing I've learned in all my days of travelin', caterwaulin' and snake oil sales is that nothin' keeps you humble like a soundcheck in front of people who don't like soundchecks. A necessary evil, soundchecks are the equivalent to being poked in the chest repeatedly with a boney index finger. Or, more colorfully, having your ear made love to by a Rhesus Monkey. Either way, fun for us -- not so much for you.

The mighty PDC eventually and officially hit the stage around 8:30. 'Twould be a rare, early night in a club...  a welcome change especially if prone to an attack of churchgoing the next day. Tonite though, it was the gospel of rock 'n' roll led by the Rev. Robin Eklund's purgatorial pounding, Ringmaster Randy Bailer's (guitar) wailing & witnessing and yours truly providing the sinful slab of low end sound that makes you shake your bible holder.

Lots of reasons to shake it, by the way. How could you not on a night filled with the aroma of rock, country, swing and all things chicken wing? Another successful mix of old, new and re-grooved was heard and praised by the congregation: "Hymn #5", "Six String Guns", "Ship Shape and Fightin' Form".... and of course, we'll never stop playing "Two Brown Bottles Of Beer" (the requisite request and video gateway to stardom!). You may also have been one of the lucky ones to hear our newest opus, "Long Haul, Short Fuse" complete with titular lyrics sung by the Rev. Eklund hisself! And if you enjoy unlikely mashups, for your listening pleasure we also included a rapturous rendition of "Rock This Town"/"Wake Up Little Suzie"/"Fat Bottomed Girls".

Could've-Swore-We-Did sightings: 3
 - Justin Bieber in an Iron Maiden t-shirt
 - an elderly country singer clearly in his third trimester
 - Lynyrd Skynyrd

We welcome new recruit Kevin to the three ring circus known as the Punch Drunk Cabaret show. Though we could label his duties in the road manager vein, Kevin is a man one should not fudge over. He's one bad motherfudger. Mess with him and he will fudge you over like nobody's business.

A Snickers bar because the local Shopper's Drug Mart ran out of maple fuck.

People-We-Saw-Who-We-Didn't-Have-To-Pay-To-Attend: A whole bunch!
Hello and "sorry for the embarrassment" go to Jerry & Evelyn, Vince & Mary, Debi, Erin, Shelly and those who I didn't actually speak to because I was either outside smoking or backstage napping.

Alluring-T-Shirted-Merch-Table-Gals: 2

Hope you were able to visit with and/or purchase some PDC finery from Jane & Shirley (from the newly christened Cherry On Top Productions) cuz they won't always be selling our wares, alas. They're neither cheap nor easy. That's our job.


If you missed us, faithful follower, then fear not. Plenty of Punch Drunk live appearances on the horizon this year. Check out the Showtimes tab on this website to see when we're coming to your town. If you're Mayan and/or subscribe to the end-of-the-world claptrap, by all means attend one of our shows and give us your money. You won't need it next year anyway.

And that, friend.... is the unvarnished truth.