Sweat Dreams (Are Made Of These)

This is the chilled version of The Unvarnished Truth. Served cold. Like revenge. Or damned February.


Today's blog is an encapsulated edition of a sneak peek into our recent live video shoot in Camrose, Alberta, Canada.

Camrose.... home of summer roses and sister city to Warwick, Queensland, Australia -- no doubt a hotter sibling than Camrose is these days.

Butcha know what warms the cockles of my cold, black heart? (Editor's Note: Puppies? Motherly love? Acetylene torch?) Why, rock 'n' roll, of course! And on January 28th, hot cockles abounded during PDC's video shoot at the venerable Bailey Theatre.


Nothing captures what this band is all about more than the live experience. The sights, the sounds, the smells.... of a real, old-timey, raucous Punch Drunk Cabaret shindig!



And trust me, dear reader...  those who attend a legendary PDC performance do not do so in some form of acrasia, destroying public property with ill-conceived dance moves, bouncing off the walls in a stupor of higgledy-piggledy or ready to make trouble for the local constabulary.... no, no! It is a joyous live music spectacle where the audience participates peaceably but with a vim & vigour that one may palpably hear on record. Records of note: Kiss Alive... Cheap Trick In Budokan.... Zamfir Live in New Sarepta.... y'know, the classics.


We decided to record an audience favorite for the shoot: "Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of These)" by Eurythmics, Marilyn Manson or the aforementioned Zamfir. And for that we called upon our requisite PDC video maker, Mark Remple. No one knows us more intimately thru a tiny camera viewfinder than ol' Mark. If that sounds a tad porny, it's cuz it is.

Professional voyeur, Mark Remple


Manning two other cameras with skilled womanly charms were ladies Crystal and Debi. Couldn't get a pic of Crystal as she was avoiding me. Most women do so I'm used to it.

Lady Debi.... like a lot of women I've known, has trouble focusing on me



Ritual De Lo Habitual


Moments before the big moment of entering the stage for our first number I got the scare of my life when I looked to the side wings to see an horrific sight: zombiesque ghouls in purple light lying in wait to devour my virgin soul! As it turned out, 'twas only a couple of very well-made and all-too-vivid mannequin manifestations created by the house light technician, Craig "The Wrench" Hansen. He has a knack for thinking up hellish grotesqueries and making them an artistic reality. I also know for a fact that his services are for hire because I'm sending him a bill for my soiled underpants experienced that evening.

Inside the twisted mind of "The Wrench" 


We performed one gigantic set full of hits, misses and assorted romantic baby-makers. Let me tell you what, it took every bit of rockin' experience, every ounce of energy and every soul searching moment of truth within ourselves to play an hour and a half long set at high octane levels. Levels that would fell minstrels half our age reducing them to drumbled puddles of stage pudding!

The trade-off is that what we make up for in physical exuberance we lack in recollective powers. Or at least your ol' Sawbones does. More than once, our video director Mark suggested a few things not to forget to do during the Sweet Dreams shoot.... none of which I could remember. Age? Apathy? All of the above? Apology. Sorry, Mark.



Crowd Sourcing


The Camrose chapter of PDC faithful did not disappoint as they came out in well-dressed droves to participate in this historic event. The not-bashful throng of fans loved being in a video and the evening was incident-free, thankfully. Have a camera in a crowd of enthusiastic music lovers is one thing.... point one at somebody thru an open door of the washroom and they flip out! But I digress....



The beautiful people, the beautiful people!


Hopefully in a matter of weeks you'll all be privy to the new vid starring... you! Well, actually, starring US but I just wanted to make you feel part of the team. Speaking of which, here's a few wonderful team players we met that night!


A young begoggled fan                                                                    Lovely merch lady and lovely Sawbones



I hope your cockles were indeed warmed by these friendly faces and news of the impending three and a half minute motion picture.

Thanks to Craig, Simon & staff of The Bailey Theatre for once again housing another unforgettable night of rockabilly revelry.

The Point Of View Media video team!

Andrew "Sir Phineas" White for sound sound. 

Marlaina Eldey for better photos than I could ever get.




And that's the unvarnished truth.