The 306 Tour

Hi ho, dear reader! It's The Unvarnished Truth.... the blog that fakes sincerity like nobody's business. And I really, really mean that!



That Number... Is Three Hundred And Six


This past weekend, PDC was headed eastbound to the western province of Saskatchewan. Home of Alberta football rivalries, a buttload of wheat and the nicest folks in all the prairies!! Something about this province lovingly embraces the charming scalawaggery of your behatted heroes. Ironic, in that we've produced three albums there but not perfomed in the 306 even once. This criminal wrong has now been righted.... thrice in three days, in fact!



Misdirected And Unrecommended Innuendo


The Labour Day long weekend saw us travail to Saskatoon, North Battleford and Lloydminster, in that order.

Have you ever heard of pressing the flesh? How about fleshing the press?? Metaphorically speaking, we did just that prior to our Saskie sojourn. Generous dollops of ink were devoted to us in the S'katoon and Lloyd newspapers just prior to our soiling of, or visit to (depending on your opinion), the place. And in this day and age of instantaneous social media, the chance to get positive print exposure -- your Sawbones's sordid magazine past notwithstanding -- is invaluable. (Editor's Note: You mean that Playgirl rumour???? I thought that was "taken care of".)  



S'toon Town


The first stop was the Bridge City, where we've recorded some of your favorite PDC ditties. To go back there finally after our six year history and play for kith and kind was a real treat for us. And bloody overdue. What took so long?... you may ask. Though words like "dereliction" and "vilipend" come to mind, further elaboration is not necessary in order to protect the obtuse.


The Capitol is a club run by a former Sheepdog and an important venue since the demise of the beloved Lydia's. Speaking of derelict, I forgot to get a pic of us with Leot to prove to folks that we are capable of running with the big dogs from time to time. Instead, here's a photo of a marquee:


....and also a sandwich board:


Though in both cases we are not normally referred to as such, it mattered not as the place was well-attended for a Thursday night. The first batch of Saskatchewanites got to hear the product of an AB/SK amalgam in the coin of "EliXXXer", "Beard Of Bees" and older chestnuts like "Two Brown Bottles Of Beer" and "The Immaculate Pompadours".



Wheaties Seen -- The Champions Of The Night


 - The lovely Ross Nykiforuk and his way-more-lovely significant other, Susan.... ol' Ross co-produced all of our albums.

 - The Menagerie Burlesque troupe.... glittery, semi-naked, areola-tasseled folks whose backstage immodesty was as charming & entertaining as their onstage immodesty. 



Sock Puppet


The next day we prepared for our jaunt up the road to North Battleford, opening for Canadian rock legends, Trooper. Apparently, I was so excited about this that I neglected to pack any shoeless slippers for the trip. And nuthin' grates ol' Sawbones's cheese like forgotten socks. So before the lads awoke, I went down to the local mall and purchased some sweet sockwear to carry me thru the rest of the road trip. Heaven forbid the Trooper boys see me as some barefoot degenerate in fancy shoes. That is the very definition of uncouth!





Casino Loyale


A packed house of 400 unaware greeted us at the Gold Eagle Casino in the Battlefords. Normally, an opening act has not the advantage of playing before the complete full house awaiting the headliner. Nope, we had to win souls and break hearts from scratch! And that we did. Sorry, ladies.

Behold Raelene, the woman who knows Fred Gretsch, holding one of his creations.... a nightly PDC feature now. The guitar, not the girl.


Bandmeister Randy B getting serious about merch. Capt. Sean E. Watts not so much



Real Troopers


Word has it that the fellows in Trooper are among the nicest cats in Canadian rock 'n' roll. And it turns out the rumours were true as the aforementioned sauntered over to us after their soundcheck to kibbutz and ogle our enviable wares.

Keyboardist Gogo was downright smitten with us and was kind enough to do a photo op before we attempted to respectfully steal the Trooper audience. We did our best and the band still liked us!

l to r: Capt. Watts, Bandmeister, local MC, Trooper's Gogo flashin' some big peace, Sawbones



Things Overheard At The Trooper Show


 - "You look like Slash."

 - "I don't have no floor tom." 

 - "I'm gonna sign it 'Love, Slash.' ...hee hee hee" 



Run For The Border


The last stop on our Skatch-a-Tour was the Border City of Lloydminster. There would be no loafing, lollygagging or general spinebashing on this Saturday. Lloyd was a-callin' and The Root was a-hostin'!


A quaint and charming venue downtown on the SK side of the border, The Root is a veritable jewel of the performing arts in this town. Not normally the type of place we would play (due, no doubt, to our snake oil reputation and politically incorrect smouldering magnetism), PDC was quite taken by the artsy décor, attentive staff and welcoming vibe. 

The place was full and with a varied audience.... all there to see us destroy the joint! And creatively speaking, that's what we did. Those in attendance were properly lubed in advance with the usual buzz about these three knuckleheads wearing hats from someplace called "Dustbowl" and approximately six newspaper articles hailing the eventual arrival of the band after a false start earlier in the year.

Onstage we played two fat sets of material including songs we've either never played or at least not for a while --  like an old cover of "Little Lion Man/Ace Of Spades" and "Allemand" off of the latest opus.    



Break Neck Pace


Among the locals we met were a band called Pink Lincoln. Probably not a metaphor.


Then there was the lass named Debb who was the first dancer on the floor that broke her neck. That is to say that her neck was not broken at the time nor did we actually cause said neck break.

It was broken before the show. Well not directly before the show. Quite a long bit of time before the show. Way before we'd even met her so we had nothing to do with it. Her neck was fine. She was just there and mentioned it. There was absolutely no breaking of necks just before or during the show.

As far as I know.

Maybe afterward. It's possible but I wasn't around by then (Editor's Note: Please move on.) 




Sawbones and Debb. Everyone's necks are good, ok?!?!?!


Pink Lincoln & Punch Drunk Cabaret. Not an adult film title.



Farewell, Mother Saskatchewan


Thank you to all we met in this hallowed & hearty prairie province..... the land that produced the first fruits of our musically recorded labour. You helped us birth our firstborn and for that we're going to highly consider naming our next album "Saskatcherock" or something equally awesome.  

And that's the unvarnished truth.