Vat's Entertainment!

Hello and welcome to another gratuitous blog.... The Unvarnished Truth! Do you like lasciviousness? Or perhaps you dabble in debauchery. Whatever your poison, you'll find it all here if you read between the lines, draw your own conclusion or just make up stuff that never happened. If you've not graced our internet pages before, allow me to introduce myself. I am called Sawbones and I will be your guide to all diaried (diardy? diaretic?) entries into the adventures of the musical trio known as Punch Drunk Cabaret.

Brewer's Droop

'Twas a dark and stormy evening on March 16, 2013. Well, not really. But what it really 'twas 'twas a snowy, wintery craptastic day of weather in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. But, dear reader, neither rain nor sleet nor snow nor plague of flies nor any other force majeure will keep ol' PDC from performing, if not showing up at, a gig.

We rolled into The Vat Nightclub (a former brewery) during Mother Nature's charming worst. With our trusty road manager Kevin "K-Rock" by our side, we feared no meteorological threat.

The Ghosts Of Rock Royalty

If you've never been to The Vat, best take in a show there, even if it's not your humble Punch Drunk pals. The staff there are professional and friendly (even the tattooed badass doorgirl, who could crush me with her cleavage, I'm sure). The sound system and light show are excellent. And the walls.... holy mother of pearl, the walls! A dazzling display of hand-painted murals featuring icons of rock 'n' roll: Neil Young, Rolling Stones, KISS, Jim Hendrix. The venue was clearly meant to rock. And, despite any attempts to pigeon-hole us into any one genre, this is what we do.


A Cold Day In Heck(le)

Every traveling minstrel has experienced it since the first cro-magnon beat a rock in rhythm while howling at the moon -- some sloped forehead criticizing you loudly. Even a group as beloved and humble as us isn't immune to such gauche displays of ignorance, impatience and barbarism! One such fellow during our soundcheck displayed all the symptoms of classic heckledom: loud, boorish remarks while sitting; loud boorish remarks while standing; drunken conversation aimed at no one in particular; spittle speech.... The Ringmaster hisself personally received the latter during a standing tirade.

Throughout all of it, the urge to pop this lout in the nose, John L. Sullivan-style, was resisted by our camp, strong as that urge was by K-Rock especially. Yet, not a poke, punch nor epithet was thrown his way. It eventually paid off. For this poor, intoxicated, loudmouth schnook who berated us for an entire soundcheck and then some... purchased one of our t-shirts thereby demonstrating his support for the band. Gracious me, if that's what it takes for y'all to buy some merch, then keep that abuse comin'!

Welcome To The Cabaret

Once the show got started, all was well with the world. While the weather outside was frightful, inside The Vat it was hot with the distinct sounds of rockin', PDC-style. New tunes heard for recording consideration were "Smokestack Cadillac" and "Shit Town, Alta" as well as a swingin' new version of ZZ Top's "Tush".

Dangerous Goods

As always, the gentlemen players of Punch Drunk Cabaret try with a mighty spirit to put on a show of vaudevillian proportions. This sometimes includes acts of daring-do. While The Rev played his drums surrounded by a glass moat of broken beer bottles (not his own), the Ringmaster defied the laws of prudence. One minute we're side-by-side, baring down on a tasty Punch Drunk riff.... the next, he leaps up onto the P.A. column, striking a Setzerian pose worthy of the hallowed company adorning the Vat walls. Danger be damned! I, myself, tempted fate by wearing goggles on my hat only to remove them after three minutes because of my fear of insufficient ballast. Again... DANGER BE DAMNED!!

Righteous Red Deerinos

Salut! .... to the following folks who made our visit to The Vat a boiling success!
 - club owner Terry... thanks Cave Man!
 - Dawn, the mad fool responsible for convincing Terry to have us
 - Margaret, the tattooed badass door girl
 - young Dylan.... soundman par excellence!
 - Mr. Dave Flewwelling of Moloich Photography... fantastic pics from that night, bro! (check 'em out at blog's end)
 - Duresa, Jesse, Al and even The Heckler.... great memories because of y'all!


Our first performance in Red Deer will not be our last this year. Check our itinerary for when we roll our snake oil blues and swingin' rockabilly into your town or hamlet.

Up next is the completion of a video we're doing for "The Immaculate Pompadours" with our good friend, Mark Remple and featuring the faces, talents and tassels of the River City Revue Burlesque girls! Watch for it and try not to stare.

And that's the unvarnished truth.