We Are A Wild Party!

This is The Unvarnished Truth - Celebrity Edition! Oh boy, I could tell you such tales of debauchery and derring-do as PDC opened for Canadian rock legend Kim Mitchell recently!

Would that I could, dear reader. Alack and alas, there were no such tales. As it turns out, Mr. Mitchell actually does have high expectations. He actually can represent this nation. And on July 10, he represented admirably at the Drill Hall in Wetsakiwin AB. And your favorite Punch Drunk pals were lucky enough to get the call to open the show.





Well, the shenanigans had already started even before the gig did with the advertised set times incongruent with the very poster they used to promote the thing. Though the show started with PDC hitting the stage at 7:45, the poster stated that it began at 9 bells. This does wonders for customer confusion, patron pandemonium and upping the band's dander. And lord you do NOT want to see that.

But you can't keep a good band down! Despite the trials and tribulations that befell your beloved behatted, the PDC Three pressed on.... so read on!     



Rush And Wax Mebster


A first world problem that bands (especially opening acts) have is when time gets slimmer than a runway model and show time encroaches. The "problem" occurs because when one is as dapper as PDC, one does not simply waltz in off the street and take the stage like some faceless band of troglodytes. Oh no, we're much more evolved than that.

We have hats.

And spats.

And neckties, buckles, goggles, garters, vests, overcoats and a goodly supply of emergency moustache wax. To quote the Good Book, "Thou shalt not rush thine graven image".... or something.


Another form of "rushing the stage"                     Security detachment: waiting for the rush



Patio Fanterns


Once upon a time, a young Sawbones was plying his trade in the lipstick covered, glam rock scene in the 80's. When Kim Mitchell emerged from the legendary shadow of Max Webster, his solo star grew quickly on the strength of great songs, criminally underrated guitar work and his band of crackerjack musicians. Bassist Peter Fredette's harmony vocal work on all those wonderful KM tunes you and I grew to love was a major force in helping me develop my "ear".


Bassist/vocalist Peter Fredette: THE man              Kim Mitchell's main axe: good ol' Blue



The gloriously glabrous legend, Kim Mitchell


Speaking of body parts and functions, I damn near soiled myself when I met him backstage during soundcheck. The key here, boys & girls, is to keep it professional no matter how much you want to explode in a fanatic display of hero worship. After they'd finished the soundcheck, The Kim Mitchell band sauntered passed us, stopping to admire our guitars sitting there. Bassist Fredette introduced himself... "Hi, I'm Peter". I countered, cool as a cucumber... "Hello, I am called Sawbones". We talked about bass gear for a minute then they went their way, free of incident. But it took everything I had to not start squealing like a little girl, prostrating myself before him and kissing his feet while cry/screaming how much of a singing influence he was on me. Again, this is the key to professionalism. You may think it, just don't do it. This simple dictum has also saved me from embarrassment whilst talking to busty women.


Local fan amply supporting the band with the new PDC ladies tee




Akimbo Agogo


'Tis a funny thing wherever we play.... two distinct reactions are demonstrated by any given audience. One is the pure joy of hearing and feeling the beat so much that you can't help but cut a rug, swing your step or for those of us with lesser dance skills, do the robot.   

The other reaction is of folks just staring, mouths agape, curious as to what these strange looking (but impeccably well-dressed) fellows are doing up there with their gyrating, high-kicking, face-mugging ways. Yes, Punch Drunk Cabaret is also a visual spectacle, a handsome-smelling olfactory treat, a sensual wonder for the loins (Editor's Note: Slow down, eh.). In other words..... showbiz! On this night methinks the latter reaction from the Wetaskiwin faithful. Aaah, such is our curse of being too damned charming. I swear it nearly overshadows the dadgum music every night! But whaddya gonna do?


 pics by Cousin Craig



 Friends & Fans backstage



local comic Justin Littlechild and Sawbones.... sounds like a lame comedy team: Littlechild & Sawbones... One Wacky Night Only!



Rock 'N' Roll Duty Awards


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Next month, your PDC pals will be busier than a whore in church... no that's not it... maybe it's a televangelist in a brothel?.... whatever the crass, religious metaphor, we'll be plenty occupied with more yarns of rock on the road as well as quixotic tales of heartbreak. Stay tuned!

And that's the unvarnished truth.