Weekend At Bonesie's

Hey you with the face! Step right up here and avail yourself to another riveting tale of raucous road-life, better known as.... The Unvarnished Truth!


Double Trouble

This here edition of TUT is a two for the price of one as Punch Drunk Cabaret performed back-to-back music fests this past weekend: Double Dragonfly in Wabamun and the Canada Day Celebration in Spruce Grove.

All this tourin' 'round all fancy-like with hotels and buses and eatin' out must be pretty awesome, you might say. No, naive friend, not this time. THIS time we headquartered out of Casa De 'Bones. Yes, I foolishly volunteered my home to be base camp for the weekend seein's how the gigs were in close proximity to my humble abode.

Just imagine... a few guys with no curfews or wives around, plenty of libations & cigarettes and left to their own devices.... what could possibly go wrong?


The Fourth "Drunk"

PDC were gonna need some help with all the organization this weekend so we again called upon our pal Jeff Nyback to road manage, escort, babysit, chaperone, bail out or defend us as the case may be.


Forget About It

So after everyone settled in (picking their favorite bunk bed to sleep on and unpacking their teddy bear pyjamas), we started out on the 30 minute drive to Lake Wabamun, home of the 2nd Annual Double Dragonfly musicfest.

But ol' forgetful Sawbones....just HAD to make the trip a little longer by accidentally leaving some key pieces of equipment behind. So we had to turn around half way there and start over. Not a good way to endear yourself to fellow bandmates by beginning the road trip by doing it twice. Blast my absent-mindedness! Years of tonic abuse hath rendered me impotent in the brain!! I tell you, dear reader, this condition is unbelievably frustrating when I can't even finish a complete sen


A Rev Is Born

On this day, many, many, many, many weeks ago, our brother-in-arms, The Right Rev. Robin Eklund was loosed unto the world. A thousand broken hearts and drumsticks later, he spends his birthday, not with family, but with three sweaty men in a truck on a hot summer day, driving to a


Death From Above 2013

A humble little event, the Dragonfly festival sure lived up to it's name. I've never seen so many dragonflies! But they must 've been the fattest dragonflies around cuz there was a healthy supply of mosquitoes to feast on. They ate better than we did cuz the artist hospitality tent only had potato chips and granola bars left. We must've missed out on the meal portion of the day. Again, blame ol' absent minded Sawbones for makin' us ta

The Aged

Had to kill some time before performance time so we indulged in some footy. Nothin' like the realization of how old you really are like playing soccer with a few 10 yr olds who let you know that by running circles around you.... that and a stray but fun loving dog that kept stealing our soccer ball.

Hats Off!

We almost never went on due to a small hat problem. See, if we don't get our hats, we dont go on.... just that simple. People rushed around in a state of higgledy piggledy looking for the hats. In the past, we've been ripped off because someone wouldn't give us our hats before the show. We'd do the show out of our good graces and then never see our hats, having to chase the promoter around for days to get them. Some may call this a diva move but its a matter of principle... Superman has his cape, Kiss has their makeup, we have our hats. No chapeau, no show.

Clothes Off!

The hat problem was resolved and we did actually get to play. 'Twas a perfect hot & sunny day and we had other wardrobe problems. Vest, overcoat, hat and longpants are not your regular festival wear, but your fastidiously fashionable fops let not rain nor sleet nor summer heat stop us from doing our duty and looking the part. Though I confess with all the grace I can muster as a gentleman that I wish I could have performed that night in my unmentionables.

Punch Drunk Staples

Due to unforseen circumstances (which included another band being naughty and not getting off the stage when they were supposed to, forcing a lot of Keystone cop-like running around), we played an abridged set and stuck to a lot of tried & true PDC faves. A small crowd gathered from out of nowhere and danced a hearty dance to our melodies and good times were had. 

Celebrity Sightings

Stan Lee lookalike, Evanescence singer soundalike, several unleashed mongrels, people wearing shorts, people wearing shirts, people who should be wearing shirts, And an overabundance of security and something called a gork chop. Ask the Rev about that one. Ok so we didn't see any celebrities.

The End?

Thanks to hard working Oly, Jamie, soundman Mark, new friends Rend and the friendly little throng that enjoyed PDC this nite.

And that's partially the unvarnished truth. (Weekend At Bonesie's II coming soon!)