Welcome to the Cabaret

Cheers from the recesses of the Punch Drunk Cabaret bunker, the darkened, dug-into-the-ground thinktank where all things PDC are conceived. As I look out at one of those typical Alberta spring days where old man winter's hangin' on for dear life and tirelessly typing with the only two fingers of mine that will type,I can't help but think "who's going to read this?". From the warm crackle of radio broadcasts in the '30's to the scope of the internet today,communication has changed a hell of a lot in the last hundred years. Yet at it's core it hasn't. It's still about each of us trying to connect with another. And at the end of the day, that's all a musician is trying to do through music. So if a "blog" or a "tweet" (I swear someone's making a joke when they coin these words)can help the process of people reaching out and making connections, then I'm all for it. So with that, we introduce the first ever Punch Drunk Cabaret blog, that will be hosted by none other than the pursuasive and poetic Terry Sawbones Grant. The lines are now open!