When Irish Eyes Are Rocking!

Well, Faith and Begorra! 'Tis time for another wee installment of The Unvarnished Truth: St. Patrick's Day edition!! 

If you're a particularly bright pub owner, it may behoove you to take advantage of this "holiday". We don't, as a society, get the day off. But you're worth your weight in leprechaun's gold if you opened your doors on this fun occasion. Weekdays be damned! And so there we were performing at Edmonton's popular On The Rocks on a Tuesday evening, where the masses enjoyed green bevvies, a weekend-style party atmosphere and.... lil ol' PDC!

It's us (with our name in lights, sort of)!


Office Space


For a mighty club such as OTR's, it contained a surprisingly exiguous change room. Somewhere amongst the hustle and bustle of  the excellent kitchen was someone's office where your Punch Drunk heroes could morph from everyday working stiffs into the fashion juggernaut we're reputed to be! But let it be stated for the record that a whole costume change in tight confines tends to tucker one out.

Bandmeister: dressed up and wound down (and that's before the show!)



It's Not Easy Buyin' Green


For this special occasion, I thought I'd go necktie hunting for a colour that perfectly represented the day. But do you think I could find a nice, plain green tie for under 20 bucks? I eventually purchased one for more than I'd like for something I'm going to wear once a bloody year! Forgive me, o great spirit of Darby O'Gill, for thinking such thoughts.

The good patrons of On The Rocks had no problem with the couleur du jour.... they either wore it, drank it or barfed it but they celebrated with us like there was no green tomorrow! 


Gorgeous gals,  a giant green leprechaun poseur and, arbitrarily....    hungry Hungarians!


Girls, Girls, Girls


So what is it with the connection between this band and burlesque girls? I don't know, dear reader, but I'm not complainin'. Once again, PDC was affiliated with another fine troupe of scantily clad lasses. Capital City Burlesque did their thang in between our sets to glowing revues and rising, um... temperatures. It's also clear that a couple of them were taken with me, as evidenced thusly:

My magnetism with the ladies is plain to see  (photo by Papa Razzo)


The Art Of War


Punch Drunk Cabaret doesn't normally play clubs but when we do, you know it's a good 'un! The former booker for On The Rocks, Rochelle, had "discovered" us at a beer fest gig last year and vowed to have us grace the hallowed stage at OTR's. Some say grace... some say defiled the classic rock bar's platform with our down 'n' dirty swingabilly! I'm sure the club's regular patrons had no idea that a harmless ol' three-piece group such as ours could pack a wailing wallop like we do! In battle terms, this may be referred to as "the element of surprise". 

And as we always do, PDC brings the fun wherever we go! How can you not have a good time when you mix vaudevillian pulchritude with booze and a rockin' good soundtrack! Call me shallow, but that's a good time.

Bandmeister Randy B, Cap't Watts, Sawbones: professional funsters (photo by Papa Razzo)




Thanks be to:

 - soundman Graham for top shelf mixing

 - Rochelle for taking a chance on a few old chunks of coal like us

 - Capital City Burlesque 

 - House DJ Crazy Dave for the photo op!

Crazy Dave and not as crazy Sawbones


And that right there, is the unvarnished truth.