WOW.... Kids Today

The Unvarnished Truth delves into the fickle world of college-aged troublemakers aka the leaders of tomorrow. The following sentence is completely subjective and does not reflect the general views of this band.

U of A kids stink.

I don’t mean smelly. Well they are that, too, but not in this particular case.

Last weekend, we sharpened our pencils and calibrated our abacuses and went back to school! The event was the U of A’s WOW (Week Of Welcome) headlined by Toronto’s July Talk.

Pre-gig promise: beer! A good start


Bandmeister and Tupelo Greg partaking in the pre-gig hospitality buffet


KISS's Gene Simmons was recently quoted as saying rock has been murdered. And now I know why.

The point of contention here is that if you mix kickin’ & swingin’ music with beer and kids, you should logically get a big ol’ party that would rock the apples off of Teacher’s desk. Instead, as PDC rolled out another high-energy performance (with guest, Tupelo Greg Williamson on the drums), we got an audience of grass-sitting, mellowed out, tryptophan addicts. True, they got excited when a "known" band with airplay like the excellent July Talk hit the stage but every other act that day was met with general apathy and dismissiveness.

Your children: unwashed, entitled, ADD.


Seriously though, dear reader… whatever happened to the fun-loving college student -- all hormonally charged, going to toga parties and ready for cigareets, whiskey and wild, wild women??? Only in the movies, people.... only in the movies.

I weep for our children’s future.


Ghosts In The Machine

On top of the lethargic crowd, I was experiencing the same equipment problems that bemoaned me the last few gigs. Damn my cursed technical demons back to hell! Ok, so let’s recap…. unresponsive audience. Unresponsive bass gear. What else could possibly go wrong?


Broke A Spat

Oh yes…. I broke a spat.


On The Plus Side

July Talk were the friendliest of folks! One could also say that JT's Peter Dreimanis and Bandmeister Randy B are kindred vocal spirits. Peter has a look like he could shiv you if you made eye contact for too long so I didn't. Took the following photo and got the hell out of there.

July Talk's Peter meets 12 string beast. Both look like they could hurt you.


Peter and Bandmeister Randy B talk about the art of gravel


Didn’t actually talk to vocalist Leah though… she is "with" Peter and, you know, I don’t want him to feel threatened by my obvious charm. Plus I really didn’t feel like a shivvin’ that day.


Thanks Be:

To Dennis and the crackerjack backstage crew… Jennifer for bringing us back for I don’t know what reason. But we appreciate it!

End of day shameless photo opp! l to r: Ian, Bandmeister, Sawbones, Leah, Peter, Danny, Josh



Hug your children today, friends. For tomorrow they will disappoint you.

And that's the unvarnished truth.