02/15/2019    The Swingin' Seeds of Sins

Given PDC's love of showmanship, it's no surprise that the band has crossed paths with burlesque over the years. But never have the two entities collided quite like The Swingin' Seeds of Sin, set for April 12 at the Station on Jasper in Edmonton. The show will combine the energy of a sweaty PDC show with the sultry stylings of the House of Hush Burlesque. Randy B explains, "When working with burlesque in the past, the two acts were quite separated. The Swingin' Seeds of Sin is very different in that we will trade off between music and burlesque performances, using two stages, but there will also be songs where the two acts appear together." Aside from pure entertainment value, the show will feature an MC who will transition the two acts with historic anecdotes about the rise of burlesque, swing music, and rock n roll, all under the guise of a fire and brimstone preacher. Find tickets HERE: https://www.showpass.com/punch-drunk-cabaret-2/?eventref=fb_oea&fbclid=IwAR3fiBKdLiFmxnLjUnZiMPPU8WSLKI2Tf0QbderxnEJLb6hpgiykXtcUn2g