PDC Wins Calgary Music Award

It was one of those rare moments when the stars aligned on the last day of summer and you find yourself on the receiving end of good fortune. Such was the case September 22 when, on the heels of our first-ever awards show performance, we were called back to the stage to receive top honours for Music Video of the Year for "Don't Die Until You're Dead". Certainly this couldn't have happened without the excellent cast and crew, and of course, Steve Van Deist and Ewen Clarke of Ring Tail Films. It's a little known fact that this production began with numerous complications that nearly doomed its completion so we can't thank the YYCMA's enough for recognizing the blood, sweat and tears that went into it.







Live Album Scheduled for Fall Release

For a band that's built it's reputation as an outstanding live act, one would think there'd be plenty of live videos and recordings. But the truth of the matter is that outside of live shows, the band has poured its energy into studio albums and video making. That is, until drummer, Sean E Watts began recording nearly every PDC show in 2018-2019. The goal was to simply use the recordings for rehearsal purposes. However, after repeated listens, it was decided that a live, vinyl-only album would make an excellent edition to the PDC catalogue while meeting the growing demand for some vinyl at the merch booth. The 10 song album, recorded at a number of shows across Alberta will be issued on limited edition marbled vinyl in mid October. Stay tuned for further updates. 


Cue the Canadian Classic Rock

Once upon a time, Edmonton's answer to the world famous, Calgary Stampede was called Klondike Days. Complete with its own Klondike Kate, event goers would dress in early century bowlers and tophats. Come to think of it, it was kinda steampunk without the punk. Fast forward to the 21st century and the event has been rebranded as simply "K-days". One thing that hasn't changed is that, aside from a top notch midway, notable musical acts perform nightly. This year, PDC will be kicking off a double bill of classic Canadian rock featuring Streetheart and Honeymoon Suite. Back in the 80's, you couldn't turn on an FM Rock station without hearing either of these acts. The action kicks off July 20 at 6pm at Northlands Park, Tim Horton's Stage North.  



  Nomination for Rock Recording of the Year 

Our first exposure to the Edmonton Music Awards was one of shock when our phones buzzed incessantly in the early hours of June 2017, telling us we had won top honours for Music Video of the Year. We were coming off our busiest month to date and hadn't been able to attend the event. Fast forward to earlier this year, where we were thrilled to learn that we received another nomination, this time for Rock Recording of the Year. This was especially meaningful due to the fact that the band produces it's own albums. Without the luxury of sizeable budgets or acclaimed producers, each album involves all three members holed up in the rodent infested climes of Swampbelly Studio during the dark winter months. So, to be recognized for our efforts in the same category as bigger budget albums with Juno/Grammy winning producers is extremely esteeming. Ensuring PDC's representation at the awards gala, Randy and Teddy hit the red carpet and took in the evening's festivities at the gorgeous Winspear Centre.



PDC Television Debut Set for Fall

Thanks to all of you that came out to support the taping of The Moment: Season 1 on May 19th. The evening proved more challenging than first thought, given some technical difficulties and Randy's continual reapplication of make up to suppress the buckets of sweat he tends to generate during a show. (apparently the camera doesn't like perspiration) Like a good boxing match, the shoot went a full 12 rounds but in the end a short, energetic set was captured, complete with snippets of interview footage. The first season will debut on Vintage TV across Canada and the US this fall. A HUGE thanks to production and crew for making this possible.    





    The Swingin' Seeds of Success

Thanks to all who attended our combined show on April 12 with House of Hush Burlesque at The Station on Jasper. Our personal highlight was having the fiery, Holly Von Sin joining us on stage for Hot For Teacher. We were honoured to be a part of such a unique, vegas-style show featuring the beautiful Violette Coquette, Scarlet Von Bomb and Holly Von Sin. Fingers are crossed that we can take this production into soft-seat venues in 2020. 







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